It links with the previous track. Church organ to start. Crying in the Dark. A Tab In The Ocean Hawkwind meets Yes in an album SO close to 4. Majestic organ a la FOCUS, a nice guitar riff and pounding marching drums bringing you all the way to total ecstasy, very symphonic:

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There are different themes, and each is fairly catchy, but there’s no denying that this is basically fifteen minutes of quarter notes and keyboard triplets. Any prog-rock listener will most certainly enjoy taking in this musical paradise in more than once, I listened to each CD four times myself and I know there will be many more spins of each CD down the road. Allan Freeman’s organ has a full, churchly quality that holds things together, the band adding accents and flourishes where appropriate.

This album tends to become less inspiring over time, though there’s a fair bit of creativity.

A Tab in the Ocean – Wikipedia

Totally psychedelic but not outstretched, very inspired musically, very solid, with not even half a minute of extra music A Tab in the Ocran title-suite is an astonishing trip; many moods and climates are explored in this mythic seventeen minute journey.

A nice record two side-long epicsa bit boring and predictable at times, but a real gem for ELOY lovers. Some Nektar a tab in the ocean reissues attempt to rectify this by simply including different mixes of the album. The lyrics of this track are suitably psychedelic, with a drug related undercurrent and imagery, along the lines of “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”. Aside from his uplifting guitar, Albrighton’s singing is fine without being special or noteworthy, perfectly in keeping with the mood of the music.

There is no problem with production, tempo-dragging, or holding back especially on the guitar and drums here. Their sound is 70’s psych rock trapped in the late sixties.


It contains a killer riff and wonderful bass lines, and is easily the most immediate of the three suites on the album, paying out on the first listen. They envy REO Speedwagon in terms of sound, but strike that headbanging lobe in the right spot with a dash ocexn their prime psychedelic tone.

While their sound still basks in lengthy keyboard passages and fantastic lyrics, the psychedelia is traded in for a more directional and established approach, with longer tracks and a tighter progressive structure.

The contrast continues until we get a calm as the “Waves” section comes in with spoken words. The title track is an excellent epic, with a gentle start and a powerful finish, with much to entertain the listener in between. As it stands, many of the good ideas lose some of their impact, and the result is a good, yet not great, album. Jazz Latin New Age. Other sites in the MAC network: Several unforgettable riffs, the band was a factory of them.

Unlike most reviewers, this is the absolute highlight of the album for me. Live In Germanyall the songs from this album are performed! Sounds start to build 2 minutes in with guitar and organ as the opening melody returns.

And though the It’sAboutMusic reissue includes a second disc of early unreleased material, it does not sweeten nektar a tab in the ocean somewhat lackluster pot.

I’ve only had the opportunity to listen to this album and “Remember the Future” but from what I’ve witnessed, Nektar is the most underrated band on ProgArchives. The last song is great to finish the albumthe music and harmony vocals are great over thereso what a best end to a nice album. The track opens with drifting ocean sounds which are quickly overtaken by a building organ motif, nektar a tab in the ocean by an ELP like marching theme.

A Tab in the Ocean

On the other hand, it’s clear that Nektar didn’t intend to blatantly repeat themselves, and even more: Along the way we open doors into worlds of such delight that no listener will be able to resist, wow moments that netkar an involuntary physical reaction, maybe to break into a beatific grin accompanied by a sudden urge to thump something rhythmically.


There can be little doubt that, ocfan for the inexplicable lack of awareness of the band especially in the English speaking nations, such pieces by them would now sit alongside “Close to the edge” and “Tarkus” at the top table of prog masterpieces. This album can pass between the ears multiple times with only “Desolation Valley”, thanks to its sci fi bass line, and the virile “King of Twilight”, perhaps the group’s tightest and most coherent track, leaving a lasting impression.

Nektar, one of the nektar a tab in the ocean bands from the seventies, were founded in Hamburg.

A Little Piece of Prog. While a little rough around the edges and showing the production quality on the low end of what the era could produce, Tab in the Ocean is a great prog rock album.

While the debut album was very much of it’s time and could have been made by any one of a large number of contemporaries, A Tab In The Ocean is an album that stands out as quite unique. Despite Albrighton’s dominant, almost virtuoso, performance on guitar, there is little soloing as such, just lots of solid riffs and structured progressions dripping with Prog quality oozing from every pore.