Find out what you can expect. I have friends in a local photography club that have been very impressed with the slide shows that NeroVision produces. It is asking for me to purchase a dvd video plugin to use recode. Premium quality video, surround sound audio, instant picture control, all in a format that is set to last a lifetime, DVD has surely arrived. Completely uninstall Nero and delete the folder, then reinstall with the latest version. Make sure you download the lightscribe host software though.

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I’d suggest that anybody who is interested in Nero Ultra Edition download the trial and give it a shot. Review by the elz on Jan 6, Version: I have used Nero 9. I use this application mostly for burning activities and I do not think the upgrade was necessary. Review by ValamirCleaver on Dec 2, Version: Gets better with every update!

Have just downloaded the latest up-date of Nero Ultra 7.

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Bottom line – keep awaydont throw your money. They respond very slowly to both succinct or detailed bug reports, and when they do, their responses are uselessly brief, point to one of several obviously canned responses, and which makes clear they didn’t really read the submitted bug report at all.


I also had several occasions where NVE just kicks me out and vanishes. Nero Burning ROM 6. The product is messed up. It is lousy at editing ner files. But slow compared to Proshow Gold.

How is it free ware tools like VirtualDub and nero vision express away big ticket items such as Roxio and Nero. Review by jabdullaha on Jan 16, Version: Good – Clean interface, easy to use. Review by garak on May 4, Version: For those of you experiencing the infamous audio skip bug when burning audio CDs from mp3s in Nero 7, you can: I’ve neven gotten a working VCD since the program hard crashes.

10.25.2004 – Ahead Software: NeroVision Express (Package 2)

I have never had a problem with any release. Review by Mitchum22 on Jan 19, Version: Review by johnruiz on Jan 3, Version: Stick with mediacoder, nero 9 would 3.0.14. blu-ray disks but had no feature to play blu-ray content and they never addressed that issue, I’m almost certain none of these issues will be addressed either in nero 10 most importantly the fact that lc-aac audio is stuck at 77 kbps Review by salohcin69 on Apr 29, Version: Review by eburini on Dec 11, Version: Vksion nero vision express Theodor on Mar 8, Version: Stay with Nero 5.


Review by bestjsg on Dec 18, Version: Review by Bob72 on Feb 7, Version: Cheap price troubleshooting Ahead NeroVision Express 3. Now equipped with brand-new functions.

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Any comments Review by joshianant on May 15, Version: The perfect burning application. The trick is, have a few exress programs to use and try the one that works the best for That particular movie.

This program was all I used until one day. Tried TMPG and it took 12 hours to do a 3 hours video.