After a late night movie, Wei’s girlfriend, Not Ping , is suddenly abducted by the ghost of Smiley Cat, who has risen up from the Underworld to take his vengeance on the Sun On Yee. Unfortunately, the rewards for going the extra mile are, unsurprisingly, disappointing. If you are dying for an excuse to jump back into Sleeping Dogs or are hurting for some Halloween-themed gaming, this expansion may temporarily satisfy your cravings. The destructoid reviews guide. This sort of thing didn’t bother me in Resident Evil 6 , but it drove me nuts here.

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The destructoid reviews guide. All of this would be partially excusable if Nightmare built great atmosphere and had a strong story like Undead Nightmare. This is due to the new Jiang Northpoinr enemies and the combat scenarios they present.

Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in North Point DLC *Spoilers* – Games Discussion – GameSpot

Continue shopping Go to my wishlist. Nightmare in North Point Just know that this is a poor echo of the greatness found in Sleeping Dogs and not nearly as charming and thought-out as Undead Nightmare.

As I pointed out in my original Sleeping Dogs reviewthe game sorely lacked ghosts. Sign In Don’t have an account? Money back guarantee Got a nightmwre game you already own? Of course it does. If you are dying for an excuse to jump back into Sleeping Dogs or are hurting for some Halloween-themed gaming, this expansion may temporarily satisfy your cravings.


In order to defeat this new supernatural force and its nightmare in northpoint dlc, Smiley Cat, Wei is going to have to dabble in the dark arts himself.

When Wei finds his fighting skills have no effect on the spirits, an apothecary brews a special tea for him that imbues his moves with the magic necessary to defeat them. Nightmare does have some alright ideas but it lacks strong execution.

Someone really needs to wake this puppy up! This leads our martial arts hero on a short journey highlighted by some familiar faces to return the undead to their original resting places before entering the anticlimactic final battle. Providing this different view on a heavily covered subject helps Nightmare in North Point stand out in this regard.

The downloadable content will take you down familiar locations of North Point, except now the overcast city has a lot of blue fog. HOT Interesting Mythology Sleeping Dogs takes the nightmare in northpoint dlc premise in a different direction than other games, opting for a tale tied closely to Chinese mythology. Core 2 Duo 2.

Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point DLC Review

From 1st January the European Union changes the tax regulations. Sleeping Dogs takes the undead premise in a different direction than other notthpoint, opting for a tale tied closely to Nithtmare mythology. Now, Hell has a sense of humour, and when Big Scar Wu arrived in the underworld and word spread of his demise, they renamed him Smiley Cat, much to his chagrin, with the name fuelling his bitterness with every utterance and driving his thirst nightmare in northpoint dlc revenge.


Please choose appropriate tax region below. Contents [ show ]. It all comes to a close shortly after it begins, without much of anything in between. Send Mail Fast support reply. These opponents can be brought down by a flurry of nightmare in northpoint dlc, but they can be dispatched quickly by using a peach wood sword or by placing a piece of parchment on their forehead, as seen in Encounters of the Spooky Kind and Mr.

Let us help you! The expansion has its moments, especially for those who have finished the main campaign long ago. This leaves you in encounters where you grind on the ghosts to build the face meter and then focus on the other foe.

Wei manages to fend off the hell-spawn and incinerate the finger, sending Smiley Cat back to the underworld and freeing Not Ping. This product requires nodthpoint game Sleeping Dogs in order to play. Unable to activate even after following the steps above? The DLC was released October 30th, Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.