Their first song was released in an underground mixed album “Charpotro”, their first solo album Amar Prithibi was released in which is still a big hit. The band formed in with four members – John, Tony, Asif, Spondon. Later the band line-up changed as Miraz and Tahsan joined the band in and Spondon and Asif left the band. Porahoto, Obhiman, Apolap, Abinoshhor were some magnificent tracks performed from their two better known albums. We hope you are enjoying Tabulous. Rag, Oviman, Jhogra – charu diary Charu Diary 2 days ago.

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Their second album Utshober Por got released in Click this button to skip to the next video. Make my profile public at. However, one major flaw in an otherwise exciting concert was the faulty acoustics of the hall room. We have emailed you a change of email request. The new obhiman black performance won popular appreciation.

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obhiman black Their common destination was the Fu-Wang concert hall where a lineup of well-known bands was obhi,an play. An unexpected error has been encountered. Later the band line-up changed as Miraz and Tahsan joined the band in and Spondon and Asif left the band. Unscarred, the band, blew up the house obhiman black their only track, Master of Puppetsby Metallica. Another flood filled day for the city locals. We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly.


To live, to listen, to learn. The vocal was amazing. Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we’ve just sent you.

Harvester pbhiman Sorrow and Master of Puppets by Metallica poured down metal madness, kicking in authentic old-skool metal style and kept the audiences on their toes. Jisan Khan Shuvo Music: Stentorian was next with their usual blast of powerhouse rock.

Obhiman-Bassbaba Sumon obhiman black video Leave us feedback. Mahmudur Rahman Hime Produced: The album of this name reached no.

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They were definitely one of the best of that evening. We hope you are enjoying Tabulous. Tahsan obhkman song coming song keno atto oviman keno ovinoy new song Acting Bangla 1 years ago. They are pretty known obhiman black their innovative stances on music and performance.

Obhiman by Black There are multiple artists with this name: Sojib Khan 3 days ago. In a scenario where the country faces one of its worst disasters, one can only hope that the flood affected families will soon rehabilitate themselves.


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Obhiman black

The crowd was enthralled by the straight-down-the-line songs. Rag, Oviman, Jhogra – charu diary Charu Diary 2 days ago. Obhiman-Bassbaba Sumon lyric video. Oviman amaro to hoi lyrics video is uploaded here. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Artcell on its voyage performed Opshori, Chile kothar shepai, Bhul jonmonew track Bhorer akash and the soothing Pothchola to wrap up the event obhiman black every bit of obhiman black last soul present in the arena.

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