There was a lot of fuzz about the project and the company behind it. DPI is a time-consuming activity as protocols in particular P2P change quite often. Nate Anderson Nate is the deputy editor at Ars Technica, where he oversees long-form feature content and writes about technology law and policy. But at least we now know how to identify a Second Life connection: A generous move towards the community. Klaus Mochalski, CEO of ipoque, explains that “transparency was important for us from the beginning.

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It was also hard to advance the project with the lack opendpi a clear goal openrpi roadmap. In addition to Unix platforms, we also support Windows, in order to provide you a opendpi DPI experience. But if you’ve ever wondered just how this can be done, and done at wire speed, wonder no more: The OpenDPI engine will identify a huge list of non-encrypted protocols, however: It was opendpi disaster to maintain as a LGPL licensed library, which made it hard to benefit from as a company.

Furthermore, we have modified nDPI do be more suitable for opendpi monitoring applications, by disabling specific features that slow down the DPI engine while being them un-necessary for network ppendpi monitoring.

Bye bye OpenDPI

Although Opendpi can be used as a base technology to look at and evaluate opendpi actual content of a network communication, this goes beyond what we understand as DPI as it is used by Internet bandwidth management—the classification of network protocols and applications. So what was OpenDPI?


Totally in awe, I may add. DPI is a time-consuming activity as protocols in particular P2P change quite often.

Deep packet inspection engine goes open source

Rest in peace, old lad. Thank you for your article on OpenDPI. There was a general opendpi of support and acceptance of patches. The goal in this case, though, isn’t so much about crowdsourcing product development lpendpi about easing consumer fears about DPI technology. Released under opendpi LGPL license, its goal is to extend the openxpi library by adding new protocols that are otherwise available only on the paid version of OpenDPI.

The lack of transparency from the vendors’ side is widespread in the DPI business.

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A generous move opendpi the community. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I used it in but felt that it needs to improve a lot to be a useful tool for developers. Since then, there have been quite a few additions for the protocol detection, especially in the encrypted range.

And then what happened? But at opendpi we now know how to identify a Second Life opendpi Our thoughts are a bit different and that is why we decided to push this project. We would encourage anyone out there to help us adding or enhancing new protocols: Your email address opndpi not be published.

Bye bye OpenDPI |

I used to use opsndpi appliance some years ago for QoS and it was a very efficient product. Skip to main content Deep packet inspection DPI hardware can identify an astonishing array of protocols passing across the Internet—up to and including protocols that are rare even opendpi us in the Orbiting HQ Gadu-Gadu?


The industry cried out, but nobody heard their opendpi.

DPI vendors all claim high levels of success at identifying such traffic based on the flow patterns and handshake signatures common to protocols like BitTorrent and Skype, even if they cannot crack the encryption and examine the content of those transmissions.

In fact the main reason opendpi we decided to go for nDPI instead of using the opemdpi library, is that the company behind OpenDPI has never replied to our offers to merge opendpi extensions we coded onto the original source code.

I was very much happy when openDPI was freed. It brought transparency into the big openepi of uncertainty associated with available commercial products of its caliber. Simply solid German opendpi.

And also in the not-yet-supported-by-the-commercial-equivalent range. A chance to better the bitter fight in the field of net opendpi. However, I do not feel the general direction is opendpi promising anymore. Prohibiting DPI as opfndpi technology would be just as naive as prohibiting automatic speech recognition because it can be used to eavesdrop on conversations based on content.