I know know that they were putting their time into the 2. I suppose they just have a different business model that what I am accustomed to when it comes to WordPress Frameworks. I wanted to say.. Hey I have Headway 3. If I want the new iPhone4s I can trade in my old one and get a discount, same as Pagelines is offering me a discount for already being a customer. I have Headway 3.

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Next Rock breaking the wave. One month after I purchased It. Sorry I should restate this bit. As someone who paid a premium for their lifetime developer edition of PlatformPro, I felt taken advantage of by Pagelines. Definitely not by anything they have ever said, they are well spoken friendly people on the forums. It is faster, cleaner, and more robust. Unsure of its capability. Would love the feedback of the pagelines framework 2.0 community.

So it makes sense there were no cool or feature upgrades to 1. Viewing 7 replies – 1 through 7 pzgelines 7 total.

Now I can just enjoy the rest of the day and playing a bit more with the Framework theme on another website Im working on.

Pagelines does have a good wiki. The support on each of the forums have been extremely beneficial to me and I have learned a lot from them, and I find different frameworks are suitable for different clients.


Oh… this is by no pagelines framework 2.0 a slight at wpcandy by the way, but merely part of my explanation and that I find it interesting. First of all the PageLines Framework simply works right out of the box — it easy to install, easy to configure and easy to customize — that is my main reason for jumping into this an pagelines framework 2.0 for a professional WordPress theme even in the current economic climate!

The Catalyst team, which has by far the greatest support forum and community out of all of the frameworks I own, is constantly updating their framework and will eventually give me Catalyst 2.

First Taste: Pagelines Framework – WPCandy

Your question may be. We are still offering heavy upgrade discounts for all PageLines customers. Pagelines last update was in may.

So you own it, and it works? Checkout the GPL theme framework: I have compensate their work by paying for platform pro.

Pagelines Review of Pagelines Framework for WordPress

In all fairness there is some confusion on their forum as to how this new product rolled out. No need to send anything, thanks for the offer. Pagelines Review In the beginning I thought that Framework 2.

I wanted to say. He is mainly nature photographer, but also photographs urban environment and whats going on in the cultural landscape.


A Review of Pagelines Framework for WordPress

Finally you should read this story about why you should take care when getting a Free WordPress Themes — there could be a few unseen bugs. If I want the better newer upgraded version… I have to pay for it.

If only Pagelines were in the pagelinees of a team that offered professional support and treated their current customers with respect. Pagelines framework 2.0 just updated my site to Pagelines Framework — what a joy!

Another great point is that if you run into problems or want to pzgelines something under the polished user interdace you will get great support from the fantastic support forum. Where so far Catalyst, Headway, Genesis and Builder which is yearly really do make you feel like you have made a solid purchase and the right decision. First Taste is a fun way to get candid thoughts on a product out without doing a lengthy written review.

A great function is that Pagelines let you sign pagelines framework 2.0 for a free account on their home page right here: