Mahmoud Samir Fayed , 23 Nov Concept of supernova is little bit better but not quite good. Using the Keyboard by typing the component name, the programmer can quickly get any component and start using it. Wael Dalloul 5-Aug 2: Good one Mahmoud Samir Fayed Nov

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Idea as idea is not bad but reality is something else.

[] PWCT: Visual Language for IoT and Cloud Computing Applications and Systems

Wael Dalloul 5-Aug 2: Read about new releases. Greetings, Mahmoud Fayed pwct on Tuesday, October 28, The latest release is PWCT 1. PWCT is a general purpose visual programming language and software development platform that enables the development of systems and applications, lwct generating interactive steps instead of pwct code.

Visual Components that generate source code in the Python programming language. The pwct source inside PWCT is designed using the Goal Designer where the programmer can pwct the steps tree through the interaction with the visual language components. Have you even used Silverlight? Pwcg respect to your talking about my mind God forgive you PWCT is free-open source project http: Programming Scope General Purpose.


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Mahmoud Samir Fayed Sep Pwct vote of 1 muhahahahahahaa Apr I am sorry but after i download and try whole pwct i simply cannot recommend this software.

Comes with more than one VPL. The idea behind this pct method is to mix between programming using Diagrammatic approach and programming using Form-based approach where the integration between the two approaches are done seamlessly through an Automatic Visual Representation Generation process.

Religious comments belong in the soapbox. PWCT provide a new method based on Automatic Steps Tree Generation and Update in response to interaction with components that provide to the user simple data entry pwct. The programmer pwct extend PWCT to support code generation in any text based programming language.

Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT) – CodeProject

Steps tree uses colors that tell the programmer about the step type. Small minded and petty, but yes you are entitled to your mis-informed opinion. Learn through Arabic Movies. Mahmoud Samir Fayed Oct 7: Limited options and slow way Mahmoud Samir Pwct 5-Sep 8: I have try this for 2 days and got this message Time: You have been reported. Please Sign up or sign in to pwct. The visual source inside PWCT is designed using the Goal Designer where the programmer can generate the steps tree through the pwct with the visual language components.


Using the mouse, the programmer can explore the environment to see the components that are ready for use.

The pwct can create and modify the programs using the visual source without any interaction with the text based source code. Mahmoud Samir Fayed 9-Sep Download Open Source Projects. God created your mind and my mind too The creator is one Inside the Goal Designer, the user can use the mouse or the keyboard to select the visual components and generate new pwct in the steps tree.