And now RealNetworks has taken the next step with the release of a the eleventh edition of its media player, now called RealPlayer SP www. For example, the Real Guide tab shows the Real Guide website, complete with ads along the top, sides, and center here including a sneaky “PC Advisor” ad claiming that it is in the process of running a system check and tune up. RealPlayer Classic Our classic media player without Cloud storage. More irritatingly, some radio selections play a video commercial, which suddenly jumps to the Now Playing tab with no warning and no context, blanks the window, and plays full-size i. The tabs across the top are not only for organizing and viewing media Now Playing , My Library , Burn and for accessing online content Real Guide , but also link to the RealNetworks subscription and download services SuperPass entertainment, Music through Rhapsody, and Games through GameHouse. Plays, downloads and bookmarks all popular video formats. Try the latest version.

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More devices are available from Real, or you can define your own custom formats. Try the latest version. These options also are available when you select a clip in the RealPlayer Library: More irritatingly, some radio selections play a video commercial, which suddenly jumps to the Now Playing tab with no warning and no context, blanks rexlplayer window, and plays full-size i.

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To add to the confusion, while some of these sites at least are obviously identified as Real properties e. It has tools realplayer sp superpass enhance the listening experience, including, in the Plus version, crossfade and a band equalizer.

It’s one-stop browsing to access, preserve, and share on-line media. Just browse video sites as usual in your regular browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chromeand you’ll see a new Realplayer sp superpass This Video button above the video window.


The LivePause and Perfect Play features allow you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward through live audio or video clips while they play, providing instant replays. You can try to skip the commercial by dragging the slider, but you get stuck at the last frame with only the option to replay or to go to the Real Guide — It seems you have to go back, re-select the station, and allow it to play though the entire commercial in order to realplayer sp superpass back to what you want to actually do.

They are always correctly formatted for the device, and you can even download videos to the device for offline use. The main Real Guide site also is festooned with animated ads. This is because RealPlayer is burdened by a second purpose: Four of the seven main tabs at the top of the main window are for these services — three tabs display player information My Library, Now Playingwhile the four others jump to websites. Use RealPlayer Downloader to download your favorite video from the web, and use RealPlayer Converter to convert the video and copy it to iTunes.

With RealPlayer Cloud, you can access your video library from your PC and your smart phone or tablet. Again, you can convert multiple files by adding them to the list, or just drag and drop.

And now RealPlayer SP adds the ability to download video from the Webconvert to other formats, and transfer to portable devices. Move to and from devices Move your videos easily between your PC and your smart phone or tablet.

As a result, some tabs load immediately My Librarysome are all black Now Playing, if nothing is playingand some display in multiple pieces with visible redraws as the web page is assembled. Since its debut inRealPlayer has evolved into the suprrpass recognized media management software in the world.


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And now RealNetworks has taken the next step with the release of a the eleventh rezlplayer of its media player, now called RealPlayer SP www. Clicking the Now Playing tab does not help — it redraws the Live site and jumps back to the Web tab.

Click here to learn about RealPlayer for Windows.

RealPlayer SP SuperPass (compatible with Windows 7)

It also can acquire new media by ripping CDs and, in the Plus version, by recording vinyl and tapes and voice from your sound card. To realplayer sp superpass all this, the RealPlayer interface is browser-based, so you never know what will happen when you click. RealPlayer Downloader handles multiple videos simultaneously. Watch your videos on your TV without connecting your PC or smart phone using wires.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. So once you understand this dual purpose, RealPlayer SP makes sense as a media player, plus as a gateway to other Real services. RealPlayer is the best Android app to enjoy your music, videos, and photos. Copy online video to iPod, cell phone, Xbox, PS3, other devices. Then when you click a station, again you can jump off to another aggregator site, like Live, which realplayer sp superpass appears in a new Web tab previously hidden that shows the main Live site for the current genre, with only the status bar at the bottom showing information about the currently playing selection.

Expand your video library Download and bookmark videos from thousands of websites with just one-click.