It works by having a random range of delays between clicks, and it could be programmed for random mouse movement in a box of your own wants. Threads Posts Latest Post. That is enough for me not to trust other player made bots. Other than using it for several hours at a time, I have not heard anything that is. Community Led Technical Support Confused by weird error messages? That seems to be the only way I would do it unless RiD bot comes out soon. I am reading ban reports already from the use of it.

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Also 60 to 95 str on my 70 def account.

High alch auto clicker settings

I think the pre determined random intervals even though randomized, still exist in a minimum to maximum range.

Other than using it for several hours runesccape a time, I have not heard anything that is. I am reading ban reports already from the use of it. News Discussion Community discussion sorted by news announcement topics. Confused by weird error messages?

Did 99 range 99 def in nmz on my range tank as well as 99 mage alching, Just finished off to melee on my main, currently doing range and I’m at 95 so far. I autoclick between hours a day, depending on when I wake up.


I plan on potentially using it for alching magic no more than 5 hours a day. Old School Skilling Supplies Buy and sell all skilling supplies here. Thanks I’ve been using an autoclicker for nmz and alching and It’s been fine for me, I use random intervals as well as a random area which it clicks in, so the mouse moves around somewhat. Varying interval auto clickers – Advice and Suggestions? I don’t know why Trent seemed so adamant about not using Murgee’s auto clicker now.

I used it for like a month, my friend did it for like 2 weeks. I don’t actually think Runescape auto clicker for alching read a ban report yet using Murgee auto clicker. A place to provide feedback and report bugs found in Old School Mobile. Forum Games Start your own or play an existing forum game. I’ve never been banned in ten years of using my own Simba scripts RS3. This range which is quite small is never runescape auto clicker for alching from thus making the behavior non human like.

Get started with our under combat clans. Just do it at a location where you think you won’t get reported such as your house.

High alch auto clicker settings | Sell & Trade Game Items | OSRS Gold | ELO

Roleplaying – In-Game Join in with in-game based roleplaying here. That is enough for me not to trust other player made bots. General For any RuneScape topic not covered by the other forums. It’s as clicer as statistical analysis.


I am not going to use it for over hours a day anyways. Teamwork Team up with other players for activities.

Our friendly community are waiting to help! I heard similar reports ayto yours as well. Post here for help! I’d say its pretty safe using random intervals and random click zones.

I was perusing the forums for one of the player made agility bots and I noticed one person got banned.

Threads Posts Latest Post. I am going to do rynescape research to see if anyone got banned using it and what were the circumstances of why they did. If not tell me your secrets. Deadman General Discuss Deadman mode here. Clan Central For all help, feedback and discussion on clans for Runescape.