Video FlipTop Loading Lil Sisa FlipTop Event: FlipTop – Loonie vs Shehyee 2 years ago. In its early days, FlipTop initially gained criticism for its use of strong language, mockery and bullying, prompting the city government of Makati to ban rap battles in the area. All music, video, tracks, album art, files, logos, names, and companies are owned and copy-written by their original owner, artist, manager or label.

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August 17, Central Luzon: VerseTracker does not own any of the sampled art or music used on this site and sbernan solely a venue to display and promote said art and music.

The winner of coin toss will select who will start the battle. Due to its freestyle and rhymed content, some academics considered it as modern-day ” balagtasan ” although some rap artists discourage the idea.

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Written or non-written lines are allowed. FlipTop – Romano vs Makii 3 years ago. FlipTop – Elbiz vs Badang 2 years ago.

FlipTop – PriceTagg vs Righteous1 3 years ago. For 1 on 1 and 2 on 2, time limits are generally 1 minute to 3 rrapido with 30 second increment and 5 minutes respectively.


FlipTop – Battle of the Year 2 months ago. Shehyee also made a clarifications about the allegations, he said that he helped Sinio in addressing the issue with Ann Mateo’s mother. Lil Sisa FlipTop Event: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sinio made a clarification to his fans that Ann Mateo’s mother plans to sue a legal case against him and Shehyee was not to blame, and that he understood Shernan vs rapido Mateo’s mother’s point-of-view. FlipTop – Dello vs Shehyee 7 years ago.

Found 60 result s for: After it gained success and reputation via social media, [12] many amateur and other rap battles arose such as Sunugan, Word War, Bolero Rap Battles, Bahay Katay, Flipshop, Flipcap etc.

Some emcees in the league recently are more focused on line delivery, hyping the audience in the battle, and gimmicks rather than dissing to attack the opponent [11].

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FlipTop shernan vs rapido Target vs Apoc 3 years ago. FlipTop – Smugglaz vs Zaito shernnan years ago. Copyright Disclaimer All music, video, tracks, album art, files, logos, names, and companies are owned and copy-written by their original fs, artist, manager or label. Shernan is a Filipino battle rapper from Philippines. FlipTop – Rapido vs Asser 3 years ago. This rapper has no upcoming battles scheduled. It became a hot topic on social media. FlipTop Battle League is the first and largest professional rap battle conference in the Philippines founded by Alaric Riam Yuson known as Anygma in He currently has 20 battles catalogued, which total 73, views.


Shernan Sunugan December 9,views Dzhire Uhno vs. FlipTop – Frooz vs Jhapormz 6 rapieo ago.

FlipTop – Smugglaz vs Rapido

FlipTop – Smugglaz vs Apoc 2 years ago. FlipTop – Dello vs Badang Isabuhay 3 years ago. FlipTop – Loonie rxpido Shehyee 2 years ago.

FlipTop – Zaito vs Bassilyo 6 years ago. Filipino language is the primary medium although other languages or dialects can be used. FlipTop – Elbiz vs Andy G 3 years ago.