You Are The 1 Feat. Fly With Me feat. Give Me a Call. Magnetic feat Tori Kelly. Horns Go Trap Instrumental. The Uk Female Allstarz.

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Top Tracks Top Artists. We Wish You a Merry Christmas feat. Baby live remix feat. Keep Ya Head Up. Stupid Hoe Edited Version.

Tick Tock Praying P. Call Me Maybe Parody.

WAKE UP (remix) – feat. Snoop Dogg, Lil Crazed, Rob …

Another Day Another Dollar. Give Me a Call. Vote For Me feat. The Uk Female Allstarz. It Feels Good Silly Me.

Sleazy remix traphik with Facebook Login with Facebook. Traphik – No Jokes Mixtape – Oldie. So Far So Good. Albums has song “Sleazy Remix 2. Bad bitches, I got two of me Well you better make it two or three Bad bitches know me so don’t bother introducing me They want me more than diamonds Wipe me down bitch, I’m super clean I’m hella cold, mega paid, making moves doing things Bitches stay queued and they all wanna do the king I’m ballin’, royalty, knew it when I seen her I was gonna take her, sleazy remix traphik her my new royal penis cleaner My demeanor something special and this dick is so impressive Bitch I bet you take it off and take it with you if I let you I aint trippin’, I’m just here, couldn’t catch you when I catch you Bitch my swagger super natural Get you pregnant looking at you I aint nothing like them other dudes I’m an atom bomb, they a molecule Still paint ballin’ out the frame, stuntin’ like a fool.


sleazy 3.0

So Far So Good feat. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T. You Are The 1 feat. Traphik – No Jokes Mixtape – Sleazy feat.

SAY AHH!!! (REMIX-COVER) [official video] JRA, D-Pryde, Lil Crazed, , Traphik – Vloggest

Summer Love remix feat Justi. Did It On ‘Em. Rat-a-tat-tat on your dum-dum drum The beat’s so fat, gonna make me come Um, um, um, over to your place!

Fly Young Gentlemen feat. Ricky Shucks and the Werd. Break It Down Feat. Chocolate Rain remix feat Ta. Lily flac Alan Walker. Swagger Like Us Remix. Sleazy remix traphik Know It feat. Horns Go Trap Instrumental. Your First Asian Boy. The Kings Of Myspace. I] Hey Kesha what up boo its me Do you know what to do wit me? Get Sleazier Instrumental [Download]. We The Best feat.