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Slightly Stoopid – Wiseman – Ouvir Música

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Slightly Stoopid — Wiseman. Flag alfredj on May 19, Lyrics submitted by mellowdood. Add it to our wiki. The real fool is the one who thinks he controls is destiny. If you believe you have all the answers like the man who doesn’t feel wisemxn a fool you have a big ego and it makes you to cool for yourself. General Comment This slightly stoopid wiseman the first song I’ve heard from Slightly Stoopid a few years slightly stoopid wiseman and i have been hooked ever since By thinking he is in control he doesn’t practice sligutly humility in his life and relies only upon himself.

Knowledge is really knowing that you don’t know!!!!!!

That the one who who will stand on his own and not follow others is wiaeman wise man. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!


General Comment I couldnt agree more with you kiersten Ohman. General Comment I think the meaning of this song is that the man that thinks hes a fool is wiser than a man who doesn’t.

More Slightly Stoopid Lyrics. But hes learned from it and gained wisdon from it therefore he’s the Wiseman even though he doesn’t feel that way because of the mistakes slightly stoopid wiseman slihhtly and he does know the answers unlike the man who doesn’t feel like he’s a fool cause he hasn’t done things in life to make him feel that way.

Why not add your own? SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Log stoopiid to add a tag. There was an error. Add your thoughts 22 Comments. General Comment yeah its about feeling out of place, but not for the “wise man” You are unable to admit slightly stoopid wiseman mistakes as well as admit you don’t know everything. General Comment i always took it as that the man who might think he’s a fool is the wiseman, even though he may not know it.

Login with Google Error: Although, others look up to him and follow him, the wiseman is not truely wise and possibly represents something larger like the government or just a leader in general that does not see things clearly. He hasn’t made mistakes in wlightly life continues to move forward without set backs so he thinks he’s the Wiseman because of success but sometimes that’s not slightly stoopid wiseman the sttoopid it’s all about the hardships you go through in life that makes you wise.


The wise man is a guy who is arrogant and thinks he is a lot cooler than he really is, and the singer is feeling out of place because he is the only one who sees reality.

General Comment thanks guys.

Wiseman lyrics

User does not exist. Favorite slightly stoopid song!!!!!! Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. The man that knows he doesn’t slightly stoopid wiseman all the answers to life is the much wiser person. General Comment I feel that in this song, the singer is the only one who sees the true arrogance in the wiseman. No Replies Log in to reply.