SMaterial structure now has a face culling flag back, front, none associated with it, allowing artists more render state control via the Modeler. Does not include terrain, grass, or sky, which are auxiliary rendering systems. The release of Unity 5. The SDK now builds with a default packing alignment of 8-bytes, pushed and popped around each external SDK header file. Sky rendering system now includes more dramatic time of day changes. More on initializing tree graphics. Users can now successfully ifdef out the auxiliary rendering systems using the defines at the top of Application.

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SpeedTree has lots of different techniques to smooth the transition between geometry LODs. It behaves essentially like std:: Screen from a SDK?

Impacted performance on PCs, speedtree 5.1 console performance remained unaffected. This can all be tweaked 5.11 our SpeedTree modeler to better suit your needs but is tuned by our artists to try to accommodate as many different purposes as needed.

Previously, Unity handled the LODs based on the distance from the model.

SpeedTree SDK + modeler + library – Tools – metin2dev

The Options are SpeedTree defaultCrossfade, or none. DirectX 10 and OpenGL do not. Texture binding in Speedtree 5.1 Draw call count now equal to the number of base trees with billboards in a given forest e.


Sign up for a new account in our community. The branches that are going away shrink down into their spines rather than simply disappearing. Render statistics, queried via CForestRI:: This enables certain types of geometry to have no wind effect whatsoever; helpful when leaf meshes speedtree 5.1 structures soeedtree rocks, huts, or other rigid objects.

This affects both correctness and performance. You can create a tree in Speedtree 4 and import it into Speedtree 3, which is almost fully compatible with Metin2. Authorize and the host system’s registry. Metin2 uses Speedtree 1, and versions up to 4 are backwards compatible.

New population utility class CPopulate resides in Populate. SForestCullResults structure changed to facilitate changes to the billboard system. This meant that as speedtree 5.1 tree speedtreee to the billboard the crossfade could be stuck somewhere between the LOD2 speedtree 5.1 the billboard where the dithering lent it a checkerboard appearance.

Version 5.1

Reference vertex formats were heavily compressed for tree-related geometry types. Wind animation will not be interrupted if the tree gets outside of the speedtree 5.1. Below is an example of a tree 51 transition displaying the checkerboard effect: RegisterTree would call both CForest:: Log in Remember me. Go To Speedtree 5.1 Listing Tools.


ListSrtContents now a public function. Some additional decompression instructions were added to their respective vertex shaders, but overall the shaders are slightly shorter than their 5. Now batches billboard renders much more efficiently. InitGrassand CApplication:: This was necessary as part of the new billboard system stores some speedtred per view, speetdree is best housed in this structure.

One wind parameter was added to the SIndexedTriangles:: EndInitialPopulation function added and must be called after the forest instances have been set for the first time. The Magic of Middleware.