Fixed a problem using parentof in a custom read function. When performing a Compare, the Floating Tab Group is hidden if files are moved to the main window as a result of tiling. The Syntax page has been removed from the Options dialog. Fixed an issue with the Portable version loading files from the command line when the application was already open. International character sets support.

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Info Do you have a question? Join now Editor v9. Bug fixes Minor bug fixes with the Edito Editor. Rules can be applied with Ignore Case for case insensitivity. Can access the current structure variable with ‘this’ keyword.

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They’re definitely cool, but have some limitations. When a Find All or Find in Files is done on a text file, all sweerscape lines that contain a match are listed. Fixed the line number was not being properly displayed in the Find in Files results for text files. New option on Editor page: Online Repository checked for new updates every 3 days can be changed or turned off.


Cannot change a hex-based interface to a text-based interface or vice versa. Please enter your name. Provided function to ensure that a script is being run on a target file RequiresFile.

What’s New in Version 6.0

Fixed crash when deleting multiple files that were open in Editor. Fixed problem saving files on Windows with no extension.

Find dialog automatically copies selected bytes to the Value field. Sadly binary templates are not standardized yet in any way and there are no full open source implementations that I’m aware of.

Can now call functions in templates from scripts. Download SweetScape Editor 6. We recently sweetscape 010 editor version 3 down with Graeme, who told us how his family-run company is focused on continuously innovating new solutions and building software that directly addresses customer pain points.

Now signing the installer using SHA Fixed crash with certain non-terminated strings in scripts or templates. Just because it has a computer in it doesn’t make it programming. Fixed issue with using return in a function with no return value. Fixed crash using bookmarks on files with file names longer than characters no limit now. The list of shortcuts shows any vesion shortcuts as ediror. Added argument to the RunTemplate function to prevent clearing the Output panel.


Ask a question and Sean will respond to you. Fixed in the Template Repository, clicking the View sweetscaps does not properly focus the displayed file. Fixed issues with character sets in the Find results window.

Editor – Release Notes

Function for locating files in a directory FindFiles. Want to add to the discussion? Defining local variables inside structs works better proper scope. Command Line Can Replace a string or set of bytes from the command line. You’re right, versino that is actually possible. Shortly after its launch, the Editor exploded in popularity, gaining the attention of several Fortune companies.