Refund of fees paid is NOT permissible under any circumstances. Local legal considerations are pre-delivered with the system and the ability to manage and report on multiple companies in multiple countries with multiple currencies is part of the standard functionality. The certification process is normally multiple choices. If you continue browsing you will be accepting its use. The system derives the posting period from the posting date. What certification would I get on joining this course?

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Most E-learning centres are open during office hours on working days. While opportunities are vast, many members have not been able to develop competencies in this area considering the high costs involved in training and development in this area.

Please check with your local SAP offices for finanfial certification fee. Specifications or data that is valid for all organizational units in mySAP ERP applications such as exchange rates, for example are entered at the client level False True. Manegerial Accounting and Financial Accounting.

Sign up for an Event. This course aims to help learners to develop a clear understanding of their tasks and how their work fits into the big picture.

A Variant can be assigned to various company codes False True.

Members and students of the Institute preferably with years of experience. How do I ensure availability of training facility? It consists of a range of interactive web-based courses designed specifically to deliver effective knowledge transfer whenever and wherever required.


Hence, candidates have to make prior booking of time slots to ensure that a terminal is available for their flnancial, when they visit the training centre. A currency key must be assigned to every currency used. It focuses on key business processes. When can I do my e-learning?

SAP eAcademy – FI (eLearning)

The system derives the posting period from the posting date. The role of the committee is limited to providing the course at concessional rates, for education and training purposes only. Each SAP offices may have different pricing in local currency. This e-learning course envisages coverage of the modules specified and detailed in oart announcement.

Learners get the flexibility to determine what, where and when to learn Repeat learning units, as required Learn at their convenience and for the duration found suitable Get to know how to work with SAP Software.

Test Sap fi tfin unit 1

For every combination of two currencies, you can maintain different exchange rates which are distinguished by an exchange rate type. They can extend their training time, in case acconuting are available. Government Departments, Corporate and business houses are making increasing use of Tfin50 financial accounting i part 1 to streamline their operations and provide value added services to their customers.

A Company Code would be a company with independent accounts within a corporate group. Candidates have to do self learning at the chosen centres using e-learning content given by SAP as a part of this course and access to practice server. Prospective candidates can make their own assessment before joining the course. Sub Modules of FI. Candidates should book the next suitable time slot before leaving, to ensure continuity of training.


Which of the following is correct: When you copy an existing company Code following things are copied. Do I have to book training hours? Important organizational units in Financials: As a part of this arrangement, the Institute members and students can pursue these courses at a discounted course fee of Rs. Generally, it is around USD to The accountinng and end dates tfin50 financial accounting i part 1 If fiscal years use a different number of posting periods If all of the fiscal years of a fiscal year variant have the same number of posting periods, only the different period gfin50 for the different years have to be defined If one year of a fiscal year variant has less posting periods than the others Shortened Fiscal Year.

Back to Main Announcement. Increase in course duration is NOT permissible under any circumstances.