In addition to the basics of command line use and shell scripting, The Linux Command Line includes chapters on many common programs used on the command line, as well as more advanced topics. Trivia About The Linux Command Book Description You’ve experienced the shiny, point-and-click surface of your Linux computers now dive below and explore its depths with the power of the command line. Along the way you’ll learn the timeless skills handed down by generations of gray-bearded, mouse-shunning gurus: To ask other readers questions about The Linux Command Line , please sign up.

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The Linux Command Line

William writes a lovely backgro This book is not a novel but a computer manual. The games are all sealed up in their cartridges. This was an excellent introduction to the Linux command line and bash scripting.

One of my favorite sections of this book is the tour of the linux filesystem chap 3. Ed Awesome analogy Aug 06, This is a great starter book for those wanting to learn more about how to hook the command line in Linux. Read as much as I could including Rute, and many others. Find The Linux Command Line at your local library. It does what you want. Purchased it to practice the bash shell after I completely switched over to Linux in It explores the reasoning behind Unix and you begin to understand exactly how computers work with this great tale of logic.


Paperbackpages. Its simplicity and informative structure is ideal shottts all new beginners switching to Linux.

Good to introduce shell command. If you want to start learning Linux command line for daily tasks, then this one is for you. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Extended Regular Expressions Alternation Quantifiers? Read more reviews at No Starch Press and Amazon. As you make your way through the book’s short, easily-digestible chapters, you’ll learn how to: Dec 23, James Dillon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Translation by Matheus Sales Italian in progress.

Good amount of tips! Dec 12, May Deng rated it it was amazing. Ninety-five percent of the content is useful for users of other Unix-like systems, but this book is highly targeted at the modern Linux command line user. You discover that your toy is limited to the games that others have decided that you need and no more.

Even as an experienced user, I managed to find useful tips in this book about Bash Shell, quoting and testing conditionals in Bash. The design is actually specified in a published standard called the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.


The Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts Jr.

After a while you discover that you have your own ideas of what to make. Windows is like a Game Boy. I appreciated the general notes about the “Linux culture” sprinkled throughout the text. May 26, Ahmed Loay rated it really liked it Shelves: Learn something new every day!

All of the guide pages in that website are taken from this book and usually just part of it be shorten. Book Description The Linux Command Line takes you from your very first terminal keystrokes to writing full programs in Bash, the most popular Linux shell.

In addition to the basics of command line use and shell scripting, this book includes chapters on many common programs used on the command line, as well as more advanced topics. I’ve skimmed a couple of Linux books before, but never had enough time to really get into them.