A smart patch browser gives you an instant overview of all the available categories and sounds. We plan to release a soundset at the beginning of Tone2 ElectraX ships with four different skins. There is nearly nothing that Electra can’t do. I don’t like the GUI. Do you already have an account? AAS Lounge Lizard 4.

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Tone2: ElectraX 1.4 released

ElectraX has two identical filters per layer, each with an excellent range of filters to sculpt elrctrax sound. That’s one of the few things that absolutely drives me nuts with Gladiator and Warmverb. How can ElectraX be compared with Gladiator? We plan to release a soundset at the beginning of Sie brauchen nur Electra2, um einen Hit zu produzieren!

Can I get some clarity on the whole “Tone2 fux with your system” thing? Select Samples By Format. Every layer is a complete synth with an own arpeggiator. Beside of tone2 electrax vsti we expect that a large number of 3rd party soundsets. Your name or email address: ElectraX’ modulation makes use of punchy, analog sounding envelopes.


Tone2: ElectraX released – Modulate This!

Gladiator was the first plug which I bought. Es gibt kaum etwas, das Electra nicht kann Hello ekeaze, you can also use German Markus or Dutch Bastiaan language here.

I am impressed by the sound of the analog filters. It can produce tube sound ,known from analog pre-amp boxes, model a fuzzbox or do waveshaping Effects ElectraX’ master and insert effects sections include 18 high quality effect processor, tone2 electrax vsti and fine-tuned specifically to compliment the synth’s sound such as: It will contain a large number of additonal presets.

Best products from Tone Mar 5, Messages: The award-winning Electra is not only one of the most powerful synthesizers ever – it’s the complete synthesis solution! Sorry, bit of a noob with this. Help with the order. Never got bombed and never will Hall, Tone2 electrax vsti, Room Delays: But oddly Tone2 Electrax caused the opening to hang. You can use ElectraX’ sample oscillator to import your own waves, a quick import option is available to create custom patches or vocoder sounds based on your own samples with a mouse click.


Tone2 ElectraX VSTi AU V (Mac OSX)

Hey silly sausage, you wouldn’t happin to know how to block stuff on Mac osx I know how to use the fire wall but it’s kinda weird that you can only block the apps and not specific files. Sory for my english.

Both products are virtual synthesizers from Tone2. Select Samples By Tags. Jun 12, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Custom samples and vstti wavetables are bundeled with the fxp file. JoshOyenJan 7, Guys, I blocked my DAW using the firewall and 5 minutes ago I opened my daw with tone2 electrax vsti connection.