Users who would rather test out a more stable branch should stay with 0. But the software did it all itself, connecting and opening the browser in a Tor start page. Don’t crash when we’re running as a relay and don’t have a GeoIP file. Fix a crash bug when changing node restrictions while a DNS lookup is in-progress. Previously, 37 if a router changed its IP or ORPort, the authorities would not 38 treat it as having any downtime for the purposes of stability 39 calculation, whereas clients would experience downtime since the 40 change could take a while to propagate to them.

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Also add additional checks and log messages to the scaling of Path Bias counts, in case there still are remaining issues with scaling. Thanks to help from a variety of friends around the world, we quickly discovered how they were blocking it and released a tor browser bundle 2.2.35-3 portable version of Tor that isn’t blocked. Oct 1 Fixes ticket ; patch from Peter Retzlaff. Tor also provides a platform on which software developers can build new applications with built-in anonymity, safety, and privacy features.

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Fixes bug Tor Browser Bundle v3. We also took this opportunity to change the IP address for one of our directory authorities, and to update the geoip database we ship. HUP reloads both files. Diagnosis to try to determine the extent of bug Once reported, our staff will pirtable notified and the comment will be reviewed. As in, its not in the battle between firefox, chrome and explorer to become your default browser. Jun 3 The stable Tor Browser Bundles have been updated to fix a crash bug that existed in the previous version.


Tor Pluggable Transports Browser 2.

Fixes 13 bug ; bugfix on Tor 0. Now we use a script to replace “A1” “Anonymous Proxy” entries in our geoip file with real country codes. Similarly, directory authorities should not count BadExit 93 bandwidth as Exit browssr when computing bandwidth-weights. Here’s what changed since 0.

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The default fraction of paths needed is taken from the consensus directory; you can override it with the new PathsNeededToBuildCircuits option. Provide feedback mechanism for clock-skew and other early startup issues Bug Bugfix on 8 0.

yor Bing is probably the worst search engine out there. Bundl bug ; bugfix on 0. Previously, when we ran low on memory, we’d close whichever circuits had the most queued cells. The HS client code in 0.

Aug 25 Jan 7 Really get rid of the openssl dependency. Previously, we would launch a new introduction circuit, but not set the hidden service which that circuit was intended to connect to, so it would never actually be used.


Nothing reasonable ships with them any longer; warning the user about them shouldn’t be needed. In many cases we assigned it incorrectly, because the functions might assert or call impure functions, and we don’t have evidence that keeping the pure attribute is worthwhile.

Users who generated relay or hidden service identity keys in such a situation should discard them and generate new ones. Windows users will see the biggest difference between the old stable bundle and the new stable bundle.

A different piece of code would then create a new introduction circuit correctly. Diagnosed by Matt Edman.