As a long time industry watcher and critic my pick is as follows: Rajendran dead Veteran Tamil film director C. Post-interval we shift focus to two other families; completely contrasting to the one we have seen so far. It is only in the latter part of the first half that romance takes a slight precedence over fun. It begins by portraying Siva Dhandapani watch the movie to find the reason behind the second name as a boy who does not have too many talents or positives except for an uncanny knack of getting into trouble and sticking his neck out for others when they need him the most.

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The smash hit found Sivaji excelling in the emotional sequences and his scenes puthiraan the Telugu superstar NT Rama Rao who played Lord Krishna with the required gravitas formed the highlight of the film. AVM Production Facebook – https: The role of Siva fits uthama puthiran bgm to a T; it is difficult to imagine anyone else as this character.

There are not many moments in the movie where the proceedings get excessively serious or somber. She later commits suicide as the curtains come down. Nasa defends name of distant space object amid questions about Nazi connections The Independent. Rajinikanth and Shriya play the lead roles, with Vivek,Suman and Raghuvaran, Livingston,Pattimandara Raja playing other important roles in the film.

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AVM Production Click here to watch: In a grand event on April 22,at the M. Rajinikanth with the help of his uncle vivek, goes out of the way to impress shriya and her family.


That is not to say that the central plot is weak or trivial; far from that. The songs too, just 4 in number, have been seamlessly placed into the narrative, which is great. Credit is due to Dhanush for agreeing to do away with many commercial elements like the intro song and appearing as uthama puthiran bgm a simpleton.

He had been admitted into a private hospital in Chennai after prolonged illness. SMS this page Email uthama puthiran bgm page. Apart from the meticulous delineation of his roles Sivaji had an impeccable reputation for his adherence to schedules and his punctuality. Rajendran, 81, died here on Sunday. With excellent support from actors like the ace comedian Nagesh and TS Balaiah, Sivaji brilliantly essayed the role assigned to him, bringing into play the myriad facets of his histrionic prowess.

It is only in the latter part of the first half that romance takes a slight precedence over fun. MGR and Sivaji Ganesan.

Does Uthamaputhiran stand true to its title? All those who worked with Sivaji Ganesan through the years would vouch for the high amount of sincerity and devotion that he brought to bear on his profession. A lawyer father with a scarred face begets two sons, one of whom is born with the same affliction and is left in the lurch by his father. Rajendran dead Veteran Tamil film director C.

While there were a number of scenes uthama puthiran bgm this Madhavan-directed film where Sivaji went overboard, the actor did succeed in turning the film into a real tear-jerker.



Diwali outing for the entire family. Post-interval we shift focus to two other families; completely contrasting to the one we have seen so far. It is all fun, chatter and laughter from then on in the first half until a twist ushers uthama puthiran bgm interval in. Twitter Tamil director CV Rajendran passes away at 81, following some age-related ailments on Sunday morning.

The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. In a stunning climax the Judas is killed by his own wife who had scented his betrayal of the nation.

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Dhanush and Vivek rock together, each complementing the other with superb timing. Listing them all here will be an exercise in itself; Bhagyaraj, Ambika, Uthama puthiran bgm, Ashish Vidhyarthi etc. Of course, it is not the kind of ground breaking attempt that will change Tamil cinema overnight. Shriya plays a cameo right at the start. Scripting and direction really show their maturity with the pacing of the movie. A few corrupt officials and politicians try to stop him but he overcomes all obstacles.