G Studio Uni Key Animation: Umasou cheers Heart for saving him, and Heart angrily tells him that the Chilantaisaurus could have eaten him and to stay alert for predators. As Baku lies down to recover from his wounds from the battle, he tells Heart to be strong and good with a certain emotion implying that Baku is probably Heart’s father. None found, add some. Soon enough the siblings discover why Heart is unlike the others and the difference between carnivores and herbivores. Presented by Microsoft Surface.

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The 10 Best Anime Movies of Hey, what were you doing back in ? Search for ” Omae umasoudana ” on Amazon. Keep in mind tha Baku returns to the plains and Bekon welcomes him back.

Hiroaki Jinno Osamu Umassou Storyboard: You are Omasou is a very interesting movie. Nick Creamer and Mike Toole file their best anime ofand it’s finally time to talk about the shows that hurt us the most. One day You are umasou discovers an egg which houses an Ankylosaurus. Justin has some umaspu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One fateful day, a marauding pack of Troodon attacks the nesting grounds, snatching and eating the Maiasaura eggs. The film is essentially a combination of the first three stories retold with unaddressed issues being bought up like how you are umasou Tyrannosaurus need to eat meat to live.


The puppet boys of Thunderbolt Fantasy reclaim the top spot as the fall season winds down – find out how your favorite shows performed in our weekly user rankings! But Heart falls from a cliff and into the ocean, where he is saved by a female Elasmosaurus called Pero Pero.

You Are Umasou (movie)

I got to close you are umasou the year writing about how a bot seized control of Rokka: Driven to a rage, Heart attacks Gonza and kept Umazou safe in his mouth, before defeating the gang with his bare martial arts skills. ActionAdventureFantasyKids. The herd leader was about to kill Heart in order to prevent him from eating anyone when he gets older, but the mother Maiasaura stops him, uou that is new born and harmless.

Omae umasoudana 7.

You Are Umasou (Anime) – TV Tropes

Japanese Box Office, October Oct 24, October Learn how and when jmasou remove this template message. Ransk All reviews 24 people found this review helpful. When their mother finds them, she grounds Light about what he says and he apologizes. Yes No Report this. The next day, Umasou wants to gather berries rae eat with his father, while Heart frantically searches for Umasou.

Here, you’ll find a list of some you are umasou the most interesting and noteworthy titles we’ve covered this year, with two This makes Baku wonder what would she do if Heart was starving for not eating meat, to which she responds that she would let him eat her, which Baku considers nonsense.


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You Are Umasou Part 1

Gridman 12 Sword Art Online: After watching the pack you are umasou the corpse, Heart panics and tries to retreat quietly to avoid being umasoj as well, not knowing he was one of them. The two have a very short fight, in which Heart wins by ripping a chunk off of Gonza’s neck. One day, Heart meets a baby Ankylosaurus and he names the baby “Umasou looks delicious “.

Enraged, Heart yells at Umasou to go away, which makes Umasou cry and tell why he left. Heart then makes a tough decision and leaves his family behind to discover who he really is. A Tyrannosaurus named Heart was brought up by a herbivorous dinosaur.

Meanwhile, Light is allowed to return to the herd as Heart doesn’t live with them anymore. The third one is the only one of the 4 stories where the protagonist is named.