Configuring your resume works in a similar way to configuring your skill set. Take the profile page for example. If you know no HTML or CSS, Zwin might not be the best design for you because of the many issues I noted above such as field titles displaying when the fields are empty in the options area, lack of flexibility etc. This theme can be translated into different languages, making it possible to reach out to a global audience by adding another version to your domain. What follows below it includes a resume, a separate page for a portfolio, a page for contact information and a profile page for an overview. The Google Map at the top of the page will automatically generate from the information entered in the address profile field. There are also control panel options that allow you to switch between 8 different backgrounds.

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We modified this WordPress theme review in October and included screenshots. I hope it helps you decide whether it is the right design for you.

Download Free Zwin v – Responsive vCard WordPress Theme – Download Free Themes

In this article I will be showing you what Zwin zwin wordpress theme and cannot do. A few months ago I changed it back to a blog and made an effort to update it regularly with web development tips and general advice about working online.

The theme is built on valid code and is compatible with all standards-supporting browsers. As noted earlier, the effect that portfolio items use is controlled via woordpress configuration area. A bigger problem is the personal information fields.


I hope that update is coming soon.

Zwin – A Beautiful Responsive vCard WordPress Theme – WPHUB

You need to name your item and upload an image and set it as featured. There are also control panel options that allow you to switch between 8 different backgrounds. Zwin was obviously designed specifically for people who want to showcase themselves to others online. View our current WordPress themes here. Profile, Resume, Portfolio and Contact. Before changing my design, I would get an email every few weeks regarding one zwin wordpress theme my websites or asking if I would be willing to take on a writing job.

Most websites will use much longer domain names.

Zwin v2.0.4 – Responsive vCard WordPress Theme nulled

Did you find a way to change the 8-characters limit for the website field? Take the profile page for example. I highly recommend checking Zwin out if you are looking for a good design to promote you and your work online. The theme is also provided with the original PSD, so you can make design changes at any level that you wish. In the profile section zwin wordpress theme can enter all your personal information and social media profile details that are displayed on the home page.

You covered everything that needs tweaking in the next update. Multiple Color Schemes And Localization There are four different wodrpress schemes that woordpress can choose between.

This view may seem a bit zwin wordpress theme giving that I have pointed out all of the themes flaws in this article though the thing is, none of these issues are wordpress that big of a problem. Alternatively, you can just set a background colour.


The options that are given to the user allow them to add their contact information and profile information from theme options panels, which means no programming at all is required. The theme makes it possible to get such a site setup in very short order. Need An Awesome Logo? Via the configuration area you zwin wordpress theme choose which colour scheme the theme uses.

A blank space will also be present under the contact info area and the email, phone and website titles will be shown whether you have completed those fields or not.

Zwin WordPress Theme by ThemeForest – WPHub

Your website favicon can also be changed and there are 8 predefined background images to choose from. The theme displays a header section with room for an image, a slogan and contact information.

There are 5 to choose from: The portfolio template remained untouched though I made some slight changes to the profile, resume and contact templates. Zwin allows you to create a web presence that advertises you and your skills.

The whole theme is controlled zwin wordpress theme the theme options page.