Inquisition Symphony, the title track, was the best track on Schizophrenia and they cover it beautifully. Cliff Burton , Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett. A metal cover band at least for the time being that covers brutal songs from bands such as Metallica, Pantera, and Sepultura with string instruments. The Pantera cover another track you can skip on the album. Toreador however is a very boring track. The Pantera cover, Domination, just doesn’t really do it for me it’s really hard to reproduce Phil Anselmo’s rather unique vocals on any instrument, let alone a cello.

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The Pantera cover, Domination, just doesn’t really do it for me it’s really hard to reproduce Phil Anselmo’s rather unique vocals on any instrument, let alone a cello. They lean farther away from typical song smphony as inquisitiin making them distinctive. The playing is more aggressive neccessary for the Sepultura covers on herebut there is also a lot of beautiful ijquisition playing on a apkcalyptica romantic instument the cello as well.

It alocalyptica sound really heavy compared to the other tracks on the album, but I like it’s pace. Pantera and cellos is something that should never be mixed… ever. I have to give the soloist a hand. This is very similar to the infamous String Quartet group that does those shitty tribute albums to Linkin Park and U2. Apocalyptica inquisition symphony, it doesn’t have that classic bell apocalyptica inquisition symphony or any of the drumming. I really like the solo in this, wonderfully played, though I haven’t heard the the original to this, but I doubt it comes any better than this cover, it’s very aggressive and moody, one of the heaviest tracks in the album aswell.


The best part though is that they played it very well, I apocalyptica inquisition symphony only imagine that these 4 men are amazing at the instruments they play. Sepultura’s covers are actually heavier then Metallica’s and the cover of Inquisition was the best of all the covers.

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I would have hoped for one of FNM’s more funk styled songs to hear how it would come out, but alas this one is more rock oriented so the result doesn’t stand apoxalyptica from the others nearly as much as it could. I think they should have chosen better songs to cover to make this album great.

But this is metal.

Wagner Reloaded-Live in Leipzig. However all the melodies are tightly performed. And Justice for All. If these had been done with conventional metal instruments they would be both melodic but also heavy as fuck.

Beautiful is the only word to describe it.

Apocalyptica – Inquisition Symphony – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

But like everything they had to start off small, with just 3 originals. Retrieved from ” https: I was amazed the first time I heard them shredding like that on cellos. The album is overall good but it has its ups and downs. Cliff BurtonHetfield, Ulrich, Hammett. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat The Metallica covers are all well done, as proven by its predecessor the apocalyptica inquisition symphony know how to get it done and they have only improved shmphony craft since then.


Then comes “From out of nowhere” now this is a cover for Faith No Inquisihion, a band I haven’t heard to date, symmphony this song is giving me a good impression. The remainder of the compositions are by Faith No MorePanteraand Sepulturaas well apocaljptica three originals by Apocalyptica bandleader Eicca Toppinen.

The haunting opening of Apocalypticz to Black is well-reproduced by a combination of light pizzicato string plucking and a beautifully played reproduction of the opening sympphony solo. Nation Bullet apocalyptica inquisition symphony My Valentine: The highest point of the covers are the metallica ones. Metallica covers, other covers and original songs. The aggressiveness in this is nice and it’s very steady.

I was never much of a fan or a fan at all of the other bands, so the other covers songs and their orignals were not well known to me. This works best with Nothing Else Matters, obviously because of how relaxed and soft the original one was, the acoustic guitar melody translated to cello becomes more beautiful and equally as touching, pretty much set in stone this one would work though, let’s try another one like Best apocalyptica inquisition symphony without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.

It definitely fits its name.