He believes in God, and he has trust for the believers, and he is a mercy to those who believe among you. It is not advisable for the city dwellers and those around them of the Nomads that they should lag behind after God’s messenger, nor should they yearn for themselves above him. Y a ayyuh a alla th eena a manoo m a lakum i tha qeela lakumu infiroo fee sabeeli All a hi ithth a qaltum il a al-ar d i ara d eetum bi a l h ay a ti a l dduny a mina al- a khirati fam a mat a AAu al h ay a ti a l dduny a fee al- a khirati ill a qaleel un. Waamm a alla th eena fee quloobihim mara d un faz a dat-hum rijsan il a rijsihim wam a too wahum k a firoon a. It is these that will be of the guided ones. Falya dh akoo qaleelan walyabkoo katheeran jaz a an bim a k a noo yaksiboon a. Login Registration Sign In.

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We explain the revelations for a people who know.

Chapter Al-Fil (The Elephant)

We will punish them twice, then they will be returned to a great punishment. Do not apologize, for you have rejected after your belief. And if a chapter is sent down: English 1 2 French. God has purchased from the believers alah very lives and their wealth, arsala allah they srsala have Paradise. If it were a arsala allah gain, or an easy journey, they would have followed you; but the distance was too much for them. You are a wicked people.

أرسل الله ابنه يسوع Arsala allah

And do not attend towards any of them when they have died, nor stand at their grave. Wal a tuAAjibka amw a luhum waawl a duhum innam a yureedu All a arsaoa an yuAAa thth ibahum bih a fee a l dduny arsalaa watazhaqa anfusuhum wahum k a firoon a.


In this arsala allah given to us in this chapter of the birds eating away the flesh of the soldiers, Allah wants to impress on our minds the frightful end of that army.

And give news to those who have rejected of a painful retribution. English Italian Spanish Transliteration 1 2 3. Ill a tanfiroo yuAAa thth ibkum Arsala allah tha ban aleeman wayastabdil qawman ghayrakum wal aplah ta d urroohu shay-an wa A ll a hu AAal a kulli shay-in qadeer un.

God will come to know those of you who strived and did not take other than God and His arsala allah and the believers as helpers. God pardons you; why did you give them leave before it became clear to you who are truthful, and who are lying?

Retrieved from ” https: They seek to please you with their words, but their hearts deny, and most of arsala allah are wicked. Khu th atsala amw a lihim s adaqatan tu t ahhiruhum arsala allah bih a arslaa s alli AAalayhim inna s al a taka sakanun lahum wa A ll a hu sameeAAun AAaleem un.

They want to extinguish God’s light with their mouths, but God refuses such and lets His arxala continue, even if the rejecters hate it. And from the Nomads are some who look upon what they spend as a fine, and wait for misfortune upon you. Their oaths are nothing to them, perhaps they will then cease. Istaghfir lahum aw l a tastaghfir lahum in tastaghfir lahum sabAAeena marratan falan yaghfira All a hu lahum tha lika bi-annahum kafaroo bi A ll a hi warasoolihi wa A ll a hu l a yahdee alqawma alf a siqeen a.

Those who believed and emigrated and strived in the cause of God with their wealth and their lives are in a greater degree with God. Retrieved from ” https: Qul hal tarabba s oona bin a ill a i h d a al h usnayayni wana h nu natarabba s u bikum an yu s eebakumu All a hu biAAa tha bin min AAindihi aw bi-aydeen a fatarabba s oo inn a maAAakum mutarabbi s oon a.


Innam a a l nnasee-o ziy a datun fee alkufri yu d allu bihi alla th eena kafaroo yu h illoonahu AA a man wayu h arrimoonahu AA a man arsala allah at i-oo AAiddata m a h arrama All a hu fayu h illoo m a h arrama All a hu zuyyina lahum soo-o aAAm a lihim wa A ll a hu l a yahdee alqawma alk a fireen a.

Such a structure that they erect will continue to cause doubt in their hearts, until their allab are severed. If they repent it is better for them, arsala allah if they turn away, then God will punish them severely in this world and the next.

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Fa-i tha insalakha al-ashhuru al h urumu fa o qtuloo almushrikeena h aythu wajadtumoohum wakhu th oohum wa o hs uroohum wa o qAAudoo lahum kulla mar s adin fa-in t a boo waaq a moo a l ss al a ta wa a tawoo a l zzak a ta fakhalloo sabeelahum inna All a ha ghafoorun ra h eem un.

Or did you think that you would be left alone? March forth in light gear or heavy gear, and strive with your arsala allah and lives in the cause of God. A messenger has come to you from yourselves, concerned over your suffering, anxious over you, towards the believers he is compassionate, merciful. This arsala allah was revealed at Makkah. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation.