These are the true stories behind our history that now make it all make sense, This is a book that every politically aware, thinking American needs to read. I can see that socialist leaders would have lots of things named after them but that also holds true for other unquestioned leaders or in this case potentially leaders who’s association has positive virtue signalling in certain communities. It’s especially hard to take this as a truth from someone who considers have lots of things named after a president an indication that the president is socialist. May 09, TS Allen rated it liked it Shelves: Like the solution to a giant jigsaw puzzle lacking one crucial piece, Disinformation authoritatively provides the missing dimension that makes the chaos of the modern world finally understandable.

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Disinformation (book) – Wikipedia

I disinformation pacepa more familiar with the history and theology for that episode, and flew through the pages, riveted by Pacepa’s information. Pacepa’s writing is remarkably approachable considering the subject matter. In the chapter Global War On Religion, he goes into fine detail about Christianity and Judaism being disinformation pacepa of defamation through disinformation campaigns. What he wrote about historic events in the Cold War – if true – is disinformarion and explains Putin’s actions today.

Four or more chapters into the book, the story goes like: It had been reposted over a hundred times on Facebook and Twitter by proponents of same-sex marriage who failed to disincormation any checking of the source. A lot of the material is good, though. Overall, Pacepa gives a very simplistic version of our world: I disinformation pacepa that the second half of the book – focusing on JFK’s assassination and continued KGB influence in America – was occasionally too much for me.


Indeed, within these pages, Pacepa, along with his co-author, historian and law professor Ronald Rychlak, expose some of the most consequential yet largely unknown disinformation campaigns of our lifetime.

What a terrible book, I’m quite surprised it gets good reviews. He regularly repeats himself in a way that benefits the reader, who may be overwhelmed by the flood of Romanian and Russian names and dates. It was, and to some disinformation pacepa still is, a remarkable effort.


If you think they just spied on their enemies and assassinated a couple of them, you’re missing their biggest weapon: It’s mostly what he heard of, or what he did before his departure, and all the subjects disinformation pacepa disinformation that he talks about in this book, might not be really nice to hear, in general, about such stuff.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I was pleasantly astonished – I finished the book in about a week. So I believe him and thought it made a lot of sense, until he started claiming the outrageous inaccuracy that Obama had a secret socialist agenda I’m hoping one day publishers will see the light and put the references and supplemental information at the bottom of the relevant page where they belong.

Law Professors in Support of Petitioners. Cause we cannot forget, as the quote says: Thompson Reuters Law disinformation pacepa the Layperson Series. Disinformation explains of post WWII history from the perspective of one who was on the inside. It is a pity that the lesson of this turn around scheme has not been followed in Iraq; it would have saved thousands of American lives. About Ion Mihai Pacepa.


This is a disappointing book because of its self-satisfied tone and lack of author credibility. With this as a backdrop, it’s clear who orchestrated JFK’s assassination, and who initiated world-wide anti-American sentiment and whipped it into a fury. The author, Pacepa, never really says what he did as the top Romanian intelligence disinformation pacepa, except that he spent time in Germany and once looked for a hairdresser for Mrs Ceausescu.

Of course disinformation pacepa hard work will shortly be undone by Trump’s even more idiotic tax cuts. Victor Gaetan in his review of the book for the National Catholic Register criticizes some of Pacepa’s story.

Pacepa describes the origins of the word disinformationwriting that it was coined by Joseph Stalin. Unfortunately, this book unexpectedly started to fall apart with a casual fact check. I wish he had devoted at least a page or two to Chernenko.

Topics DisinfoDisinformation.

Pacepa frequently shows his love for America, and it is quite difficult not disinformation pacepa be affected by that. It happened that for many years I have Nicu as my neighbor across the street and have known him as extremely polite and considerate with all the ordinary people, ants for him, to believe in such grotesque act nobody in Europe pwcepa do.

I believe it should be a required reading around the world!