The new tavern heroes disappears although unpicked except for item master. Anonymous February 23, at 8: Luckily I typed -test before, and only -kill can save us I typed -kill but when he respawn, he still cannot move and armor invulnerable Snow should be melted right now and fix some fatal error crash.

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Can you please fix the bug! Nevermore ulti does 0dmg, zeus the same, dota map 6.77 ai fun think u now about invoker no comment Thank you very much animal jam codes five nights at freddy’s 4 hotmail login. Anonymous March 24, at 3: Please added, more Final fantasy character like sephiroth, zack, genesis, angeal etc.

The revive of lancer, the earthshaker last skill, and rikimaru backstab, I find a solution for rikimaru. My webpage diablo 3 barbarian guide. Anonymous February 14, at 9: Another 67.7 map, but there is still a lot of bugs that you need aj fix.

DotA 6.77 AI Fun 2.7c Map | Play with 45+ Fun Heroes!

I would like the “fun” mapmakers to add the characters from the family guy, american dad, the simpsons, futurama, and bob’s burger Candy Sim June 14, at 9: Anonymous February 25, at 9: Game hangs after being eqipped with Aghanim’s Scepter.


If you didn’t have any girlfriend for today’s Valentine, maybe this map will give you some fun! I am trying to find things to improve my website! I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

U think it is easy to create map? Too many bugs on the map. Meiqing Xu September 10, at This is Nierhyl-V i got a bug with invoke tornado it keeps spinning till the end and in tuskar lancer when it dies it never revives.

There is also a bug here too And your grammar and spellings are fucking horrible. Zeus’s lightning bolt does not work anymore when Zeus reaches a certain level. Why can’t I play it? Please do not make a fool outta yourself, besides humiliating your dota map 6.77 ai fun, the descendents of the dragons.

DotA AI Fun vc Map Download – DotA AI Fun | Dota-Utilities

Invoker’s tornado dosn’t stoped, open wounds stays untill death Check also DotA 6. There is a Bug in Malragor Felguardwhen you use dots skill felguard wrath, it keeps repeating ia repeating!


Feel free to surf my blog post:: Mirana’s imba arrow, Zeus’ Ulti. Check out the full dota map 6.77 ai fun below! The new tavern heroes disappears although unpicked except for item master.

I always types -apstfrul fast respawn, super tower, unlimited level Man i can’t wait to your next fun map. When Void AI casts Skill 1, later I found that after one of these times, Void’s armor is invulnerable and stop walking The old version of remade heroes. Anonymous February 23, at 8: