My third listen told me that even though some songs were weak, there were actually some classics here. The insane high speed stand up comedy track “Save us now” gives us a hint of what Edguy would do on the future albums and the band tried for the first time a serious attempt to mix comedy with metal music if we ignore the early German party track “Das Reh” from their second demo. Wake up from the illusion, see the world for what it is, and find something for yourself to believe in and to fight for. Dirk is a rhythm guitarist, and one who can hardly make up a good riff if his life depended on it maybe this guy needs to take some rhythm guitar lessons from James Hetfield or Scott Ian. Maybe it’s because there is a truly outstanding and unforgettable song missing on this record. To show the world even more of what he was capable of, Tobias Sammet sandwiched this release in between his two Avantasia Metal Operas, the first one being a stone cold power metal classic, the second being not too shabby in its own right.

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Tears Of a Mandrake

My introduction to Edguy came from Itunes, from buying Helloween songs and looking at the “listeners also bought” section of the Itunes store. The lyrics are about as cheesy as you would expect s power metal and Edguy for that matter.

This is Edguy the motherfucking way Edguy should be done! Write your own review.

Edguy:Tears Of A Mandrake Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Originally written for www. You can easily discover solid high speed power metal, atmospheric epic tracks, humorous experiments, cheesy ballads and a few candidates for a single or video shooting with pop melodies and a softer approach. Rhythm guitarist Dirk Sauer and bassist Tobias Exxel need work however.

Tobias Sammet also sounds almost exactly like Geoff Tate at times, where as Michael Kiske’s edguy tears of a mandrake is a little easier to distinquish from his.

It gets in the way of writing truly good music, and if Edguy are to truly achieve a beloved status in my mind they need to focus less on pronouncing Tobias’s prescence and show that there is a full band backing him up. I’m sorry, but this falls far short of those CDs. Those who don’t like the new humorous style of the band may surely see this record here as the end of a era.


The guitar work is still an amazing part of the work. He soaring notes are mixed with a lower pitch singing that lets us hear his amazing range vocally.

Maybe it’s because of many filler songs that are on this record like the power pop boredom of “All the clowns” or the usual high speed power metal tracks like “Fallen angels”. Maybe because it is stuck between my absolute favourite Edguy album, the very powerful and matured “Theatre of salvation” as well as the diversified and emotional “Hellfire club” that has a very important personal meaning to me and accompanied me through difficult and beautiful times six or seven years ago.

The edguy tears of a mandrake are slightly more aggressive this time around and the power chords are a little more sparse.

I had to get the rest of the album that song was on, so mandrkae my hard earned itunes gift card in hand, I bought a copy of Mandrake. Not that it’s disappointing because the bass and drum work are well mixed with the rest of the melody and the bass has interesting licks that pop every once in a while. I think because everyone in the band knows that they would be nowhere without Tobias, they seem to compromise themselves and hold back on their abilities just to make room for him.

The bonus track on here “The Devil and the Savant” is very catchy and mid-tempo oriented, and might well have made an even better single that “Painting on edguy tears of a mandrake Wall” did.

Edguy – Tears Of A Mandrake Lyrics | SongMeanings

The riffs are not very gritty but very clear, and the leads are very well pronounced, but everything can be heard. Maybe it’s because this is a transitional record between the more serious works of the fo and the rather humorous albums that followed later.


But all together, madrake CD has some sweet moments on it, and if you’re way into power metal which I pretty much am then you should check it out A possible explanation of the title lies in the nature of the mandrake, a plant that when uprooted cries you to death. The edguj is every lie and every deception society uses to keep us under its thumb. If I had to pick a favorite track for faster drum work I think I’d probably take “Golden Dawn”, mostly for the nice little meter changes that pop in and out of the instrumental sections.

The slightly folk driven “Jerusalem” is a song that grows more and more and adds a new experimental touch to the band’s sound. The vocals make edfuy for some of the cheesy lyrics though.

Maybe it’s because there is etars truly amndrake and unforgettable song missing on this record. Dirk is a rhythm edguy tears of a mandrake, and one who can hardly make up a good riff if his life depended on it maybe this guy needs to take some rhythm guitar lessons from James Hetfield or Scott Ian. The high register is where Sammett is at his best, and there his unquiness shines. Songs to check out: The drums have some very good tom use intermixed with the usual double bass and snare combo.

The album’s epic is “The Pharaoh,” and while it isn’t nearly as good as the title track mamdrake Theater of Salvationit’s a dazzling, mature anthem edguy tears of a mandrake won’t fail to please. Even Tobis Sammet doesn’t suck all that much here–it seems like he got his shit together and actually TRIED to hit the notes, as opposed to the almost depressingly poor intonation of earlier albums.