Far from a terrible film but rather disappointing too, seeing as this did have a lot going for it. Get out or I’ll strike you! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. You do cut a dash, Mr Pip. How have I insulted you? The pacing can get tedious while some of the details are rushed through and under-explained, the Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham scenes veer towards the absurd rather than the tense and the scenes between Irvine and Holliday don’t have that much pulse.

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And I’ve been asked to help set it up. I am going to inherit a fortune, Mr Wemmick.

Great Expectations S1 E#2 – 2 Available subtitles – english | opens

Oh, no, it is. No man could have done more. You are making a spectacle of yourself, Sir.

They have the same name? DVD’s – Mini-series [episodes Dutch-sub]. As IMDb doesn’t seem to be allowing comments on the serial as a whole, I’m doing them episode by episode.


exppectations Dolge Orlick 3 episodes, Pocket finds a place for Magwitch to hide with the help of Wemmick. I know, I wanted to speak to you on a private matter. It is too late. Jaggers honoured his final wish.

You know I know, don’t you, Pip? You said that last week! Week of April 14, The ropeman s01e20 Noakes. It was the man’s request. Pip describes him to Magwitch, who reveals his real name to be Compeyson, the man he fought with on the marshes years ago.

Great Expectations – S01E03

Great Expectations 6. I brought you something. There was an argument. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. And these are your daughters? Did you see that? I sense a humiliating defeat. How Much Have You Seen? If Miss Havisham keeps her fiance’s memory alive, I don’t call that poison, I call that love. He visits Havisham, meeting Drummle great expectations 2011 s01e02 who gloats telling him of his engagement to Estella.


And you take the other hand, like so Gently! Great expectations 2011 s01e02 isn’t Dickens without his perfect prose. In the interim, Mr Wemmick is kind enough to suggest ways in which I can make myself useful. And what will happen to your property when you are dropped? We are both gentlemen, are we not?

Forge is empty, house is empty without you. Do the voice, Pippety-Pip. I read them over and over, but they’re not detailed enough, Estella.