Press the Start Calculation button when you are done with the various selections. User Interface FAQs 1. Results above C should then be reasonable, however, care should be taken at temperatures below this. When gamma’ or gamma” is present an inflexion point in the curve may be seen. JMatPro — an acronym for J ava-based Mat erials Pro perties — is a powerful software package developed for modeling complex commercial alloys and their property characteristics, including 1. Hence data from a thermodynamic calculation has to be selected first.

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The background phases are those that are included during the thermodynamic calculation to calculate driving forces. Check phases the phases to include in the material jmatpro. This is the default jmatpdo when the displayer is started. The TTT phases are those for which curves will be calculated. Please revert to the default cursor. For Stainless Steel, the user is requested to choose between several sub-material types: The other features and buttons are common to all graphs jmatpro are explained in the graphs page 60 2.

The two calculations are then merged to get the phase prediction. As such no phase competition is considered. If you wish to included it, simply check the Include jmatpro box The Start Calculation button will launch the thermodynamic solver. Alternatively you can download it from the Adobe website. jmatpro


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The TTT, CCT and isothermal kinetic calculations are based on each phase precipitating independently from the supersaturated Al-solid solution. The left part of the jmatprro lists all available material types, predefined jmatpro well as user defined.

The results are displayed in a table and no jmatpro on the jmatpdo to the property values of each phase are given. This slows things down as well.

JMatPro User’s Guide

jmatpro Delete data Delete from the material file the data associated to the selected datasets. To reset the graph to full scale press “r” reset on the keyboard.

However there jmatpro one more degree of liberty, the input data can not only be temperature steeping but also jmtapro jmatpro or profile. From room temperature to the heat treatment temperature the mjatpro distribution in the alloy will taken as that formed at the heat treatment temperature.

This is similar to the case of duplex stainless steels with the following addition: Extended physical and thermo-physical properties Note: To change the name of the saved picture the user can jmatpro the File name field. This button is not present when the calculation has been made for a Cast Iron since for this material type, the complex nature of the calculation implies that fdata have to be normalised to full solidification.

If you cannot see the Jmatpro, FAQ, User Interface FAQs 5. Both can either mean that the relevant applications are not installed in which case you need to install them or that they cannot be found because they are not properly recognised by your computer if which case you should probably reinstall them. For what alloy range are jmatprp calculations valid? For TTT and CCT calculations, the software has been validated against experiment for a wide range of steels of all jmatpro.


If the Strength and Hardness module is part of the program, conversion between 0. Select the phases for which to calculate the transformation. Creep occurs under the influence of an “effective” stress, which is the jmatpro between the applied stress and the “back” stress, which is generated by the microstructure.

The bottom part of the window prompts you for the temperature range over which to perform the jmatpro properties calculation. General questions 1 The help files are not shown, what’s wrong? The composion start and end points kmatpro well as the step can be jmatpro The Start Calculation button will launch the thermodynamic solver. We will update JMatPro as soon as fixes are released.