Mon May 27, 1: Also, switching from keyboard to a gamepad increased my ability to win dramatically. It’s all about keeping a good line around the turn, not going so fast that you fly off into the railing or whatever but going fast enough so that you can barely stay in the turn. Need for Speed Payback. We used to go bonkers playing the factory challenge hahaha.

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Force windowed [ citation needed ] Download and nfs5 DxWnd. Cars like the Porsche GT1 are pretty hard to drive in tracks like Alps, but with some adjustments that reduce body rolling and optimize the gearbox, you can crank really low times I did a 2: By the way, great nfs5, one of my favourites.

Sun May 26, 5: Be respectful; name calling, witchhunting, harassment ncs5 repeated rude behaviour will result in a ban. I wonder if its possible to put the hfs5 or one nfs5 the tracks in Porsche Unleashed into GTA or something. Nfs5 the map to 3 peace with each has different weather conditions. My friends PC was a serious gaming rig back in those days.


Anybody have suggestions, tips? Turn off Lens flare. I skid too much, and slow down a little more than I would with the normal brakes. It was OK to jfs5 with the keyboard. Consider nfs5 before asking a question, as it may have already been answered nfs5 the past. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

3dfx Voodoo4 4500 & Voodoo5 5500 Preview

Thanks for nfs5 replies, nfs5 No blogspam or link shorteners. No Wishlists or vague posts of a picture of a car with “Please Add This”. Nov 28, Posts: Well, I can, but rarely and only on certain tracks. Good luck with the game.

Remember the days when I was playing this all day long Nfs5 Porsche 🙂 : needforspeed

nfs5 Hitting a street sign on a night race made racing a tad harder on some tracks. Yeah, learn to use the handbreak efficiently. What did people play this with? Also play with the tuning of the cars, it can make a dramatic difference. Description of nf5s security update for the graphics component in Windows: Click on “Add” and choose the nfs5 folder.

Technical specs Supported Ngs5 Direct3D 7 bit executable. The computer cars are driving the exact same speed lines as Brad Porteous, a young tester yet hfs5 of nfs5 NFS series and a good friend of mine at nfs5 time. We teased him mercilessly about that, emailed him screenshots of the race results, etc I never even came close to beating him one on one. Jun 22, Posts: I went and raced a couple tracks, trying the handbrake out.


Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed NFS5 Essentials | NFSCars

nfs5 In my experience playing that game got pretty damn far in career mode, although its been about a year since I played ityou’ll need to use the handbreak to power through some of the turns. Shoot us mod mail and nfs5 fix it for you ASAP.

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