Though it appeared that the main external battles had been won, the band were arguably now having to battle with the internal tensions that naturally had arisen following a decade sustaining an intense level of shared creativity. Want to watch more videos for this song? This special “Belgian” edition released by Alfa Matrix features a bunch of exclusive remixes not available on any other version of “Industrial Complex”. Martin Lee Gore Released in the album was a full-blooded affair and with Alan Wilder joining Flood in the production hot seat it was perhaps no surprise to hear the rich musical instrumentation now firmly part of the band’s armoury. This massive, nearly track compilation of edgy, experimental electronic music benefits those affected by the Ghost Ship fire.

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Nitzer Ebb – I’m Undone Lyrics

Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address. There were no sacred cows in terms of subject matter or indeed the band’s merciless capacity for piss taking. Click this button to skip to the next video.

These guys are doing industrial right! You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos. One of my top 10 favourite albums of all time. StuJones go to album. Purchasable with gift card. Down On Your Knees Gothic industrial songs that recall darkest Depeche Mode while pounding out their own melodic path. The album also spawned a most improbable, though brilliantly effective remix of ‘Fun To Be Had’ by George Clinton, the visionary behind two of the greatest freak-funk bands ever – Parliament and Funkadelic.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Perhaps it was this enforced nitzer ebb im undone that encouraged critics to reassess the precocious impact and originality of the band, as a number of subsequent artists lined up to cite them as a major influence, or less honourably, simply exploiting the Ebb’s musical template for their own individual gain. Their collaborators included Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke, a recording artist whose musical aggression was even more noted nitzer ebb im undone their own, and Alan Wilder, then of Depeche Mode, who applied his noted production skills to enhance the melodic potential within the band.

Want to watch more videos for this song? Strategy Of Violence by Noise Unit. Hit You Back In august of it was officially confirmed that Nitzer Ebb are working on the new material.

Industrial Complex (Belgian Bonus Tracks Edition) | Alfa Matrix

Whilst such a situation may be a cause of great annoyance to most bands, the Ebb maintain a healthy level of stoicism. This action cannot be undone!

Upon its release ‘Belief’ not only attracted much domestic critical praise but also saw their stock rise in Europe. Formed in Chelmsford, UK when main protagonists Douglas McCarthy undoe and Bon Harris drums, programming were just 15, Nitzer Ebb cut a dynamic swathe through the electronic music and Balaeric beat scenes of the s and 90s.

I remember purchasing this CD back in ! To live, to listen, to learn. Make my profile public at. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Nitzer ebb im undone new album once again retained the musical and visual aggression of their previous work. The recording actually started in March It was great then as it is great now!

Or browse results titled:. A 2CD compilation of best tracks and a bunch of remixes “Body Of Work” was released in may and later, in july, a remixes album “Body Reworked” followed.


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My Door Is Open I Am Undone by Nitzer Ebb Talk about love And talk about trust, I know it’s hard to believe this is us Talk about hate Talk about distrust, Tell me every time this has nitzer ebb im undone be discussed Go tell your mother, And your father too Go tell your brothers I think your sister knew How will we know When you are done And I am undone Lay one ubdone time On this blood-stained sheet The soft ground is where our hearts would meet Tied and tangled By everything we’ve done Just lie still and we can wait for the sun How nitzerr we know When you are done And I am undone Again nitzer ebb im undone hndone I come back How will we know When you are done And I am undone Contributed by Dylan D.

Tags electronic alfa matrix dark electro depeche mode ebm electro electropop industrial martin lee gore nitzer ebb synthpop Brussel. Having won over club-land the band turned their attentions to the live arena and at the invitation of label mates Depeche Mode, supported nktzer on their huge Music for the Masses tour.