Posted May 4, These sections contain a list of fonts from various suppliers together with the corresponding names. Sign In Sign Up. You should use the supplier letter which matches the supplier you obtained the font from, not the original source; for example, Avant Garde was designed by Herb Lubalin for ITC, but Adobe also sells it. Although we certainly cannot use such names for the files themselves, we could still use them in TeX documents given a simple mapping file, as discussed below. These are not currently standardized, due to ignorance of the appropriate encodings.

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Names are case-sensitive, for consistency with the rest of TeX and with PostScript, etc. Abbreviated names for the 35 standard PostScript fonts. Naming specific characters is a tangled and difficult area.

ITC fontsUp: Others of his points are addressed in the appropriate sections below. Fontname 1 assignments are shown in brackets in the following table, from novarese bk bt file variant. We sometimes use the same typeface abbreviation for fonts with different supplier names, where we know usually by inspection that the fonts truly are the same.

These abbreviations for Lucida typeface subfamilies, et al. Here are some links to character tables for Unicode, Adobe, and WGL4, for your researching pleasure thanks to Boguslaw Jackowski for the list:. Posted May 7, A fontname may require multiple variants. Please send additions, corrections, or other comments to tex-fonts tug. Adobe standard encoding B.


General indexPrevious: Although this is an incompatible change, the advantages of 1 consistency in naming encoding variants, and 2 having some free variants makes it worthwhile. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. ITC novarese bk btPrevious: This is Fontname, a naming scheme for the base part of external TeX font filenames.

TeX math extension encoding B. Having two names which differ only in case is undesirable, since it results in clashes on common Windows filesystems. Posted April 26, But if we also looked TFM names up in another file or set of fileswhich specifies the actual filename, the fontname given in the TeX source file could be almost anything at all, of any length.

The width of a font specifies the compression or expansion of the font. Although we certainly cannot use such names for the files novarese bk bt, we could still use them in TeX documents given a simple mapping file, as discussed below. Here is the table, from the file typeface.

Font Novarese Bk BT Book

Mittelbach wrote another article criticizing the scheme below novarese bk bt TUGboat 13 1 Aprilpages 51—53; most of his points are well-taken, but I saw no alternative then, and see novwrese alternative now. This is used for several different but very rare variants: Font name listsUp: Please send suggestions for abbreviations to the address in Introduction.


Arranged from lightest to heaviest more or less:. Spaces cannot be used in the name, to make it easier for TeX to parse.

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This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x Each line consists of an abbreviation, directory name, and comment. Also, when combined with a consistent naming scheme, macros could be written to access any of a number of fonts. Classified, Want, Swap Ads. Archived Nlvarese topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. TeX base encoding B.