Suited perfectly by impeccably fuzzed out bass, and a haunting vocal performance, it’s deeply moving in a way that music so long has tried to be. Calmer passages exude a latent volatility; rapturous upheavals lurk below. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter E-mail. The most ideal album closing possibly in existence, it feels more like the end of a life than the end of an album. Metalcom , February 9th,

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Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction Review | Angry Metal Guy

Minor criticisms aside, this is pallbearer sorrow and extinction really well-developed slab-o-doom by a very promising young crew. The children are blissfully playing near the statues and grass, unaware of the circumstance that surrounds them.

Full-length Sorrow and Extinction is as good a debut as you’ll hear all year. The first of which are the brilliant guitar melodies that spring to mind the aforementioned acts such as Warning and WHW. The woeful sun, slowly fading behind the clouds of an ever brewing storm, shines on your face. Doom would prescribe for you.

As a whole, “An Offering of Grief” is the best track on the album, only for the incredible feeling it gives off without even trying. Joseph Rowland is one hell of bassist. The guitars soar and they also crush at the most opportune times. KoolMagma this album changed my life thanks boys. Pareidolia deluxe edition by Demon Lung. Sponsored Links from Around the Internet. Tags epic doom metal metal Little Rock. The drumming is fantastic, has a great sense of rhythm and time, and all of the pieces have an amazing tone.


A doom track through a through, this monstrous epic will have you lost in a hopeless world of low-end riffs and gloom. pallbearer sorrow and extinction

Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction Review

If you want music to shoe gaze or moss collect to, this is the stuff Dr. Ryan Faber I feel like I can do anything after listening to these pallbearer sorrow and extinction. Suited perfectly by impeccably fuzzed out bass, and a haunting vocal performance, it’s deeply moving in a way that music so long has tried to be.

Pareidolia deluxe edition by Demon Lung. For me at least. Sorrow and Extinction is both consolation and cataclysmic companion. The breaks between the ‘songs’ are artificial, unnecessary and distracting. While much more uptempo, the formulaic approach is rather the same. His voice recalls a young Ozzy denuded of nasality, but the comparison does little justice. These are not esoteric convolutions, but direct and piercing melodies.

Sorrow And Extinction by Pallbearer. There are moments where the man sounds genuinely on the verge of weeping. In accepting the fate the world is a dark, dark place. All the women are cloaked in black, dabbing at their eyes with tissues.


Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

You know what the air feels like. And while slow, mournful doom can be a wonderful thing, even I concede it gets tough to take when songs approach the ten minute mark. Pallbearer Little Rock, Arkansas.

Each and every riff exists in service of the song; not a moment is wasted in pointless plod.

These Arkansas-based doombringers better encapsulate the mood of a funeral than most funeral doom bands. Like an immortal and ever solitary colossus, this album just meanders about the sonic wastelands of an empty world, occasionally frolicking through a series of carefully crafted lead guitar stints, but largely just walking at a singular pace and providing a consistent yet extremely dense tableau upon which the vocals provide the more dynamic elements.

As The Kingdom Drowns by Psycroptic. The funeral procession riffing at