Information for old users of ArmCAD Except that, this Build contains some minor new features and changes. This Build contains several minor bugfixes. MSZ codes – allowed analysis with buckling ignored. Option “Description” in “Visibility” for beams, displays short description of cross section dimensions, section type etc. HASP 4 driver 4. Contact our nearest representative for information about purchasing or upgrading.

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During installation you should use the same registration key as for the previous version.

Tower 7 Build Expert [ Among the numerous new features, the most important are: Concrete design, steel design and timber design are not available. This version contains one correction in algorithm for generation of meshes cutting plan. Number of allowable combination of load-cases radimprx increased from to Commercial use is not alowed. Radimpex tower 5.5 version contains several fixes. This feature is available for users with Expert license only bit license.

Except those new features, new build contains several fixes and optimizations. Automatic toeer of F.

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Except those, this Build contains significant number of corrections and minor optimizations. Tower 7 Registered users of Tower 7 can get the newest version here. SNIP codes – changed algorithm for calculation of stirrups. The DEMO program has the same radimpex tower 5.5 as professional version – structural analysis theory I towwr IIstability analysis, modal analysis and seismic analysis – but it is limited to node models.


The most important new feature radipmex implementation of method of direct dynamic analysis in seismic analysis. Expert configuration is also dedicated to users who wants to employ the power of its hardware more efficiently and gain visible speed-up.

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User Manual for Tower 8 – differences with Version 7 [7. Program displays the resultant sum of arbitrary selected supports. The implementation of importing models from IFC format was postponed and scheduled to the next build.

Except this, acceleration was gained by certain specific optimizations.


HASP 4 driver 4. Except that, there are several improvements, corrections and bug-fixes: The most important new features are related with generation of reports for selected group of entities and invoking new Slovenian seismic codes SLO EC8. Forces are displaying in 2D View, through the command for support reactions. Beside that, this version contains numerous improvements, optimizations and bug-fixes.

Apart from the implementation in building and civil engineering construction, the program can also be used for various types of installation: Radimpex Software in cooperation with Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade, organizing presentation of program Tower 6. You can freely download and use this program for radimpex tower 5.5 or educational purposes only.


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Tower – certificate for Russia [4. This version contains significant number of minor changes and improvements.

This certificate is valid thru November th, The most important new features in this Build are — export of bars specification to BVBS format, option for adjusting readability convention of texts and harmonization of order in mesh recapitulation and cutting plan with order in mesh types database New branch of ArmCAD 6 compatible with AutoCAD radimpex tower 5.5 marked as “A19” and is available in bit release only.

To obtain updated manual visit the “Downloads” section of this site. Beside that, this Build contains several bug-fixes reported earlier.