You may also like. The slokas audio files will be added to the repository periodically as guided by the link given below. Repeating these verses does not cause boredom but increases peace in the mind. Apply Language Selection Please select the language s of the music you listen to. Sreemad Bhagavatham – Manju Menon.

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Bheeshmasthuthi Brahmasree Venmanikrishnan Namboothripad.

Bhagavatam malayalam Music Playlist: Best Bhagavatam malayalam MP3 Songs on

Account Options Sign in. The Sgimad verses are transcendental and not made of mundane sound. By regular hearing of the Bhagavatam and by rendering of service to the pure devotee, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completely destroyed, and loving service unto the Personality of Godhead, who is praised with transcendental songs, is established as an irrevocable fact. Chathushlokee Bhagavatham Brahmasree Venmanikrishnan Namboothripad.

It consists of verses, 12 cantos and chapters. Importance of reciting Shlokas: Slokas are beneficial in boosting child’s memory. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. The slokas audio files will be added to the srimad bhagavatam malayalam audio periodically as guided bhagavxtam the link given below. In kaliyaga, hearing is the purest sense srimad bhagavatam malayalam audio receive spiritual knowledge and benefits.


Autoplaying Similar Tracks Automatically playing similar songs. Either you be a Hindu or Muslim or Mohammedan or Buddhist, whatever you like, Srimad-Bhagavata does not stop you, but it gives you hint what is the purpose of religion.

The meaning of the Vedanta-sutra is present in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Sreemad Bhagavatham – Manju Menon.

Bhagavatam malayalam

First it is a challenge to memorize it and when that is done, it becomes a pleasure to just keep repeating it. Chanting forms the basis of Vedic life. Besides filling up our minds with positive vibrations and thoughts, Shlokas also serve to remind us of helpful philosophy at difficult times.

Bhagavatam malayalam Created by Gaana User Tracks 8. Clear currently playing song. This is considered as the ultimate moksha sastra blessed to living beings in this and other worlds.

Narayana Kavacham Brahmasree Venmanikrishnan Namboothripad. Bhagavad Gita Hindi Audio. Listening is considered as direct seva to Bhagavan. Bhagavad Gita – Sanskrit Audio.

The powerful effects of chanting mantras are glorified not only in the Vedic literature but also by psychological bhagacatam of the modern period. When we try to memorize a Shloka, it keeps reverberating in our minds, leaving no room for the devil. Complete Sloka Gallery for your pocket. The full purport of bhaggavatam Mahabharata is also there.


Positive Thinking – Part 1. Recitation by His Grace Dravid Das. Best srimad bhagavatam malayalam audio to purify your day.

Hanuman Chalisa HD Audio. Listening to these slokas called sravanam is so pure, that it will gradually cleanse one’s mind and all the dirt auxio the hrydhayam and will elevate one to the highest state of paramahamsa’s sthithi.

Link to Srimad Bhagavatham Sloka Lyrics nalayalam Gaana Playlists Bhagavatam malayalam. The Hare Krishna maha-mantra is the essence of all Vedic mantras and chanting it constantly is the best occupation for the mind.