January 2, Zach Redrup Media , News 0. This page was last edited on 27 December , at January, 4, , 4: Then there is a soaring but familiar solo, before the song rolls to its natural conclusion. The vocals are rough and raw, and the build to the chorus is relatively stirring.

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Aranguren, the same person who made the artwork for the Sonic Syndicate album Eden Fire and the alternative version of Nightmareland. Hhe June 25,Richard announced that The Unguided would not be able to perform any songs from Sonic Syndicate due to contractual reasons. Musical groups established in Swedish melodic death metal musical groups Alternative metal musical groups Power metal musical groups Metalcore musical the unguided nightmareland.

The Unguided — Nightmareland.

Nevertheless, the stylistic merger of Gothenburg the unguided nightmareland death metal and American hardcore that entered In Flames’ sound along with Anders’ dreadlocks has continued to nightmarsland the staple of Sjunnesson’s musical repertoire, and the first offering under the name of The Unguided in Nightmareland came about as quickly as the newly born band could get the studio space to record it. He left because of increasingly growing commitments to touring and recording, which were having a negative impact on his personal life.

More by The Unguided

Say what one will about the cliche dichotomy of high-pitched shouted vocals with squeaky clean, almost whiney clean singing, and the generally predictable songwriting that features an assortment of lead guitar and keyboard detailing overtop a moderately fast rhythmic backdrop, The Unguided handle it fairly well in spite of the rigorous limitations the style carries and come out of things with a pair of reasonably catchy tunes to boot.


They also revealed that Jonas Kjellgren also would be producing the album and that The Unguided had signed a deal the unguided nightmareland Despotz Records to release and distribute it. Well, frankly no, not really.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Bengtsson was replaced by Richard Schill in late and Johansson was replaced by Jonathan Thorpenberg in The song the unguided nightmareland been translated into English and will appear on the album with the title “The Miracle of Mind”. We poured everything and more into this one.

The Unguided – ‘Nightmareland’ EP Review | SonicAbuse

Atheist and Read More. Likewise, though quite competently pulled off, there is such an obvious similarity to Richard Sjunnesson’s toneless shouts, the unguided nightmareland barks and whispered lines to Anders Friden’s signature sound nightmarleand it gets a tad bit scary, and Roland Johansson’s clean vocals reek of an overt All That Remains influence that is impossible to miss.

Contact Advertise Staff Jobs F. On October 25, it was announced that “Inherit the Earth” unguidfd be the lead single.

The Unguided – Nightmareland – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Still, for these former Sonic Syndicate guys, the two tracks here certainly sound like business as usual. You can stream and watch the full video below: The artwork was done by Kuang Hong. But, does it really live up to their mission statement: On June 16, without any official announcement The Unguided released their debut single ” Betrayer of the Code “. Current The unguided nightmareland Sjunnesson — lead vocals ynguided Roger Sjunnesson — rhythm guitar, electronics —present Henric Liljesand — bass —present Richard Schill — drums —present Jonathan Thorpenberg – lead guitar, clean vocals hte [27] Former John Bengtsson — drums — Roland Johansson — lead guitar, clean vocals — [27].


By no means genre-defining, or even really that distinctive, it is good for what it is and gets all of its necessary the unguided nightmareland across. Retrieved December 9, On October 3, the artwork and title of their debut album Hell Frost was revealed at Richard also revealed that he had joined the Swedish metal band Faithful Darkness.

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EP: The Unguided – Nightmareland

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat They also announced that the band had signed with the Swedish record label Despotz Recordson which Nightmareland would be released. Vocalist Roland Johansson left in due to issues with extensive touring.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

February 11, Zach Redrup MediaNews 0. Though featuring an elaborate album art like something out of the latest survival horror game for the PS3, Nightmareland is an exercise in militaristic simplicity unguidd predictable patterns. On the same day, it was also announced that the release date of Nightmareland would be delayed until February due to the band re-recording it in a professional studio and not in The unguided nightmareland home studio.