What I am showing here is a simple application of a ballistic strike and how you perform the strike. Now gently push, by extending the elbow of the pushing arm into the solar plexus of your training partner. Learning these amazing techniques teaches you how to eliminate fear. Who does not want to learn to punch harder? Effectively stop attacks with a powerful Ballistic Strike, and gain the understanding you need to hide your techniques with stealth. There is no discernible rhythm an opponent can use against Systema grappling. In real time, your opponent will have no time to do this and you will penetrate deep into the target area.

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Now gently push, by extending the elbow of the pushing arm into the solar plexus of your training partner.

Fort Worth Combatives

Where it really shines is in all of the vao hes performs through out the video. We all would like to Stop An Attacker, which is why the purpose of a ballistic shock strike is to stop your attacker dead in his tracks, it is as simple as that and it causes a shockwave through the body and stops the attacker from continuing.

So what does it mean exactly? You will often hear people being told to…. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Apply the hidden grappling val riazanov ballistic striking that make you unstoppable.

Ballistic Striking Systema DVD by Val Riazanov Review

You will also be instructed on several methods of evasion. The quality and pacing of the ballishic is pretty good, no real complaints there. What you need to do is relax even more and absorb the push. Any resistance you will feel, will be the outer muscles of the abdomen and as the resistance are felt, just push deeper into the point — in other words, val riazanov ballistic striking must bypass the resistance of the outer layers of muscles and penetrate deeper.


If you can get it cheaper then it would make for a good addition to any Systema collection.

How to Punch ( Dynamics of Ballistic Striking )

The Systema strike is a relaxed, whip like strike that a lot of Systema guys are well known val riazanov ballistic striking. Physical DVDs are shipped within 3 days and the digital downloads are available instantly and are in mp4 format. Well we have yet another difficult question…. Not only do you learn how to survive, you learn how to maintain an awareness of the situation as it happens. The purpose of the exercise is to firstly, learn how to penetrate deep into the target area and secondly, how to deal with resistance.

Simply because a lot of what is out…. Stay alive and thrive on the ground if you find val riazanov ballistic striking pinned by an opponent. In the KGB we were taught many physical and psychological techniques — some of the most advanced in the world as the former Soviet Union invested huge amounts of money and resources for this purpose…but the majority of our learning was teaching us how to survive…in any situation and any environment. Designed in particular for self defense, but can be paired with any competitive martial art to increase to efficiency to blows to destroy opponents.

This digital book will show you everything you need to know to start learning to deliver explosively powerful punches that will disable any enemy. One of the first things you must learn when striking is how to move. Use your entire body as a weapon to destroy your opponent.

The Original Ballistic Strikes – Val Riazanov Russian Martial Arts, Systema and Self Defense Master

As well as teaching you to deliver hard strikes it will also show you to punch without losing energy, making you capable of handling any situation you are ever faced with! Demoralize your opponents with techniques that destroy their will to fight.


But as with anything else there is an optimal way of punching strikign this can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the punch.

Leave that for the entertainment elements in your life! I often get asked the question as to what I think about Kata or Forms. So overall its a pretty good strike DVD.

The Science of Ballistic Strikes valriaz May 14, Viewing videos of this power and never experiencing a strike ballisitc yourself, makes it hard to believe the pain of a Ballistic Strike, but after val riazanov ballistic striking this book and trying it on a punch bag for baplistic, will rizzanov it is a simple and effective way to hurt an opponent significantly.

He shows a lot of pad work and drills in this DVD set, some of which i have started adding into my own strike training. By fearlessly handling your attacker, you will survive a potentially deadly encounter.

Russian Martial Arts do not have the same structure and although there are some weapon drills similar to Martial Arts Kata Forms there are…. In real time, your opponent will have no time to do this and you will penetrate deep into the target area. Yet there is far more to Val then just fighting and combat techniques.